And Behold a White Horse

Deborah Venable



Sometimes inspiration can come in the form of a subtle message.  Regardless of how much we may admire modern technology in the computer age, the human brain will never be equaled in its ability to sift through a massive amount of input and file away, (perhaps for decades) those bits of information that may prove valuable in the future. 


With that as a preface, we can only hope that enough valuable information will be filed away for the future from the massive amount of confused sewage now flowing through the media.  None of it is inspiring, and most of it is pure bunk. 


That brings us to the theme question:  Just how knowledgeable is the American electorate on anything these days?  Well, um, we can only hope that many more are a bit more knowledgeable than they were the last time around four years ago.  As we round the bend into the last lap of this horse race to the White House, I thought it only proper to ask the question. 


Elections can be like personal relationships.  When times get hard, I mean really bad, humans (especially weaker ones) start looking around for someone to ride up on a white horse and save the day.  “Why a white horse?” you might ask.  No!  You wouldn’t really ask that, would you?  Would you rather see a red, black, or pale one?  Or perhaps some are expecting all four!  Yes, they are.  You know it and I know it.  It is a horse race after all, and if I am being too cryptic here, well, this is an educational site, so just look it all up.


Ladies and gentlemen, stop looking for the rider and take the reins of the horse yourself!  That is what America is all about and it what she has always been about.  No one is going to come riding up on a horse of any color to save the country!  No one!  I am a lot more worried about surviving the people who would elect leaders with clear intentions of destruction than I am about surviving that destruction.  At this point I would not even make a guess at how this election will turn out.  I don’t know.  We are going to have to deal with the results no matter what, though, and that will be the much harder struggle.


The survivors will survive, and the weak, ignorant, and evil will perish.  That is a given.  How much pain and suffering we have to endure to arrive at that endgame remains to be seen.  There will be a lot of it no matter what.  No pie in the sky attitude will change that.  If we mount the right horse and can keep a firm grip on the reins, we’ll get to the right end faster. 



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