The Race Card Is Hereby Dealt

Deborah Venable




This may turn out to be something a bit above a “rant’ – like maybe even a rant and rave or some such of a “I’ve really had it with this stuff” piece.  For some time now, I have been literally buried in input - pro and anti Jew.  Why?  God only knows, because I surely do not!


When I decided to stake my little claim on some cyberspace, my intention was and still is to build a website that would educate, communicate, and provide an atmosphere for learning and thinking.  I purposely stayed away from an easy template style of web page so that I could have free rein to design something that would represent my thoughts and feelings without outside influence.  The site began with an idea to make it easy for people to instantly research their elected representatives via the “quick reference pages” for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  I added the chief executive pages, which included the president and all governors.  Then came the Supreme Court page.  The Rant Page was included to present and archive my personal opinion articles and those of guest editorialists.  As time went on, I found regular contributors who prompted the creation of other pages, including general feedback and humor pages.  I’m still not out of ideas, so Heaven knows what will be added in the future. 


At no time was my intent to threaten anyone’s personally held beliefs, but I have been met with almost constant threats in one form or another.  I have had two hard drive wipe outs from malicious, virus-ridden email, and I have had my identity stolen and illegally spammed across the Internet.  Only the installation of the most up to date firewall and virus protection software has saved me from further devastating data losses.  My blocked sender list numbers in the many hundreds now – attempts that I don’t even see – and still I quarantine multiple virus carrying files almost every day.  I get hate filled messages, both pro and anti Jew, and some material that I may actually consider for publication except for the absence of reference links. 


I have never, nor do I ever plan to participate in ANY discussion groups on ANY subject, yet I receive many attempts at communication from such groups, and have been hacked by members of such groups proclaiming to “spread a message” in my name.  I have previously published disclaimers to protect my regular correspondents from abuse by these hackers. 


I provide very easy access to feedback links to my contributors and myself on every page, yet I receive relatively little feedback.  My “feedback” seems to come in the forms previously mentioned.  Too bad, but then cowards generally are not good debaters, so what can I expect?


Those who have chosen to honestly communicate with me are, of course, not included in these admonishments, but to all others – perhaps this will explain why I hold such disdain for unfair attackers.


America has a very big problem right now that few people are willing to openly admit to.  We have a race problem.  We have an inability to judge on merit rather than group association, and we have genuine grievances against a government and a news media that continue to play the races against each other – black against white, white against black, the hyphenated American against the patriotic spirit that recognizes no superior nationality to that which gives us the freedom to speak out and worship in any manner we choose.  Well, as we say in the Deep South, we useta could!  Now, unless our roots are in places other than the Western European regions, we must pass our thoughts by a PC scanner before we utter them or we will be legally branded as bigots.  It is perfectly all right to make ANY bigoted comment against the white race, but the reverse is certainly not sanctioned.  Case in point:  if the profilers working on the recent D.C. area sniper crimes had mistakenly targeted ANY other race but white, their reputations and their careers would have probably been over.  That is all I plan to say on that.


The most crucified, (pardon the pun) religious group on the face of the earth are Christians – NOT Jews as everyone may think.  However, Jewish hatred, (both directions) gets most of the press and the sympathy in this country.  Now we see Muslims running a close second.  We also see ridiculous debates going on in courtrooms all over the country about whether or not America was founded on Christian ideals.  There IS NO debate on this one, folks.  The only reason that EVERY OTHER RELIGION has the protection of a government willing to recognize them is BECAUSE that government IS founded on CHRISTIAN beliefs.  It is a moot point.  Every other religion on the face of the earth wishes to deny right of personal beliefs to anyone who does not believe according to its tenets.  Christians may well carry their message throughout the world, but they DO NOT damn anyone to death for not being Christian, and they leave it up to God Almighty to do with a non-believer’s soul as He wishes.  At this point, I do not want to receive email about the Crusades.  Those, if you will remember, were carried out by governments with an established religion as far from true Christianity as one could get.


Those people who wished to escape religious persecution settled this country, and the Founders were extremely sensitive to the role that religion plays in man made government.  Every single race on the face of the earth has been touched and greatly influenced by Christian principals.  The would-be one-world rulers and oppressive governments that dot the planet know that Christians will not be willing enslavers or be willingly enslaved, so Christianity is on EVERY evil hit list that exists in the world today.  The ignorant lunacy that constantly feeds a “hate America” syndrome is playing right into their hands.  Keep it up, all you highly educated fools who direct the halls of higher learning, all you power hungry idiots that have ensconced yourselves in political power, and all you financially elite ignoramuses that gained your fame and fortunes on the backs and pocketbooks of your admirers – just keep up your stupid manic ravings against the culture and values that have allowed you to acquire everything you have and continue to allow you to sell your country down the river!  See how far your New Age philosophies and moral relativism will carry you when real evil gains its ground in the America I love and would die for!  Let’s see you try and convince those waiting for America to fall that you have ANY rights to ANY personally held beliefs!


This is a country originally designed to house the soul of humanity in individual freedom and it is being turned into a pot of boiled frogs - black frogs, white frogs, red frogs, brown frogs, yellow frogs, Jew frogs, Muslim frogs, Atheist frogs, Hindu frogs – I know I’ve left out some – and fake Christian frogs.  But I’ll guarantee you one thing that does NOT exist in this pot – there are NO true Christian frogs and there are no true American Patriot frogs.  We may die defending our beliefs, but we will NOT be cooked in the stew!  We will go down as free thinking individuals who know the value of our souls and the value of the only country on earth that was founded on the principals to honor them.  We are every color of the rainbow and follow every belief known to man in a true Christian spirit of live and let live, (whether or not we carry a Christian label).  We have no race problems and we have no religious problems except for those foisted on us by the evils of man’s inhumanity to man. 


There it is.  Take your best shot.  If you do not like what I have to say – fine.  Just deal your debate cards from the top of the deck and save your underhanded attacks for someone else.  If you would like to learn more – read all the American History you can get your hands on.  Maybe you will understand where I’m coming from. 


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