Deborah Venable



Just as I have no patience for people who argue against the wisdom of believing in the existence of a Creator, I have no patience for those who allow depression to overrule their own happiness.  In short, proof exists to support my views of all who would fall into either of these two traps.


To all the highly educated teachers and scientists who continue to demand the separation of God from science, (except for your god, Darwin, of course), I would ask you one simple question:  If you know you are right, why must you silence God, creationism, intelligent design et al in order to get your point across?  I have no need to put the same gag on you – nor do those learned scientists and teachers, great numbers of them, who share my view.  Go into the schools and the labs, into theater and literature and spout your theories for all you are worth.  This is supposed to be a free country, and we won’t stop you.  For this simple consideration, all we ask is the same privilege.  But you refuse to give that.


Instead, you have reverted back to the Dark Ages approach and to the monster that state controlled churches used so long to promote ignorance over truth-seeking intelligence.  Why is your way any better than theirs?


The Ben Stein movie, “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed” was just released on DVD this week.  If you want to truly open your eyes and gain a new appreciation for what freedom really means, I have a recommendation for you.  Go out and buy or rent this movie, but don’t watch it before you have also acquired and watched “Lives Of Others” also available on DVD.  This one won the Academy Award for best foreign film of 2006 I believe.  It has subtitles, but they are easy to read.  For the full effect, watch these two movies in one sitting, in that order.


People who wish to speak about freedom and equality, rights and privileges, morals and principles should first truly understand what these things mean.  I fear that none of these things are being properly taught or willingly learned in our vast system of education today.  The missing component in the teaching or understanding of these subjects seems to have always been complete dismissal of free will and the part it is supposed to play in understanding our worldview. 


It is also the missing component in the Darwinians’ explanation of life.  Free will does not have a place in natural selection, evolution, big bang, primordial ooze explanations for the origin of life.  Don’t you find that odd, to say the least?  We all know that free will exists, don’t we?  It is woven into the fabric of every living, breathing human being.  It is a gift to be used or squandered, but must be stripped away by those who would seek to enslave.


Let us now segue into the second part of this treatise on truth over damaging ignorance.  Depression has a death grip on humanity today.  This departure from intelligence has resulted in far too many human beings checking reality at the door and proceeding down a self-destructive path as they wallow in their own misery about one thing or another.  Sickening!  I don’t pity or feel the least bit sorry for anyone who refuses to keep himself emotionally healthy in the real world of wonder that surrounds us all each and every day.


I live on the outskirts of a very small, rural town in the Bible Belt, yet, this past week a sixteen-year-old girl took her own life in the restroom of the K though 12 school here.  My grandson brought me a letter, hastily produced by a member of the faculty or staff, announcing the terrible news.  The main purpose of this grammatically inept communication was to assure the community of parents that a professionally acceptable klatch of grief counselors would be swarming all over the campus the next day to “help” this pitiful victim’s classmates deal with such an emotionally devastating tragedy.      


That’s the way it’s done today.


The assumption is made that everyone remotely close to a tragedy of any kind will be emotional cripples when trying to deal with it – especially children.  I guess I look upon grief counselors in much the same way that atheists look upon God.  They are a crutch for the weakness in human beings that seeks to explain the unexplainable.


I have another recommendation for anyone who finds himself or someone close to him sinking into depression for any reason – especially if possible suicide is being entertained.  Get off your duff and look around you.  There will always be someone much worse off than you have ever been or will ever be!  Do some volunteer work at an asylum or convalescent home, hospital, or retirement home.  If you are not an atheist, you will find yourself grateful to God every day for your personal circumstances.  If you are an atheist you will perhaps question why such “inferior” humanity is allowed to live – unless you come face-to-face with a heartwarming, disabled human being that is far more intelligent than you could ever be and manages to touch your cold heart with that other endowment the Creator instilled in every human spirit – pure, unadulterated, selfless love.  


The founders of our government believed in the existence of a Creator.  They installed the blueprint for freedom in the founding documents and warned that it would take diligence to preserve the unique limited government that allowed more freedom under moral law than any other in human history.  The sacrifices that have been made and are still being made to preserve this concept are humbling, but in vain if we squander our inheritance.  We did not inherit a socialist form of government, spawned from a godless culture, but that is precisely what we will bestow on our progeny if we are not very careful and diligent. 


You want proof that America is the most blessed nation on earth?  Ask an immigrant, legal or otherwise, why he came here in the first place.        


As for the upcoming election, there can be no doubt that if the Democrats are elected as a majority of our Congress and to the executive branch, America will be on the fast track to a socialist dictatorship from which we can never survive with any semblance of America’s former freedom.  Very likely, I could be jailed for even writing and publishing that sentence in the not too distant future.  Think about that as you decide that “race or fairness” trumps a platform of more limited government. 


Are you depressed?  Well, don’t be.  We aren’t there yet!  


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