Fair Share

Deborah Venable



Wow!  Deliver me from another debate on taxes!  Please!  Whether it is cuts or increases, fair or unfair, middle class or wealthy – none of it matters because the general public has no idea which side of the aisle is really fighting for them.  Truthfully, neither side is!


Taxes are a political tool used by politicians to weave an imaginary safety net for “the poor,” keep the “middle class” off balance, and regulate the thoughts and actions of “the rich” in such a way that the “political class” (yup there is such a thing) can maintain their maximum power and influence.  The whole thing is unconscionable and immoral. 


Take the debate about the so-called payroll tax cut extension – what an utter nonsensical joke!  Both sides – republican and democrat – are refusing to be truthful with the American public!  I’ll take it a step further to say that they can get away with it because most folks refuse to think the whole thing through and come up with the truth anyway.  Folks, this is FICA they debated.  Democrats have told us for years that FICA is not a tax except when they are trying to convince us that EVERYBODY (wage earners anyway) pays income tax.  FICA deductions are actually forced deductions from wage earners’ salaries that were supposed to be locked away for their golden years, but have long ago ceased to be that. 


The idea of a payroll tax holiday or payroll tax cuts is stupid in and of itself, if all that were actually true, because when those golden years roll around, which one do you plan taking “a holiday” from without your Social Security or reduction in same?  Hmmmmm?  Personally in my half century (thus far) of working for a living, I didn’t get one of those holidays or cuts!  The years I was self-employed, I actually had to cough up more because I didn’t have an employer being soaked for some of it.  Since I WAS an employer for some of that time, I was soaked double because I was paying FICA for each and every employee too! 


I know that to some of you I am singing to the choir, but to most of the general public, they haven’t a clue of what the heck I am even talking about.  They are hooked on the political mantra of “the rich” not paying their “fair share” to the point that nothing else matters!  Well, to them, let me just say that they are absolutely right!!  The rich do NOT pay their fair share!  They pay far, far more than that, and the dirty little secret is that ALL the politicians, no matter their stripes, know it full well.


Let’s stop right here and define a few things.  First, “the rich” – they are the folks who have enough wealth to pay for anything they need and at least some of what they want without having to go into debt for it.  Next, the “middle class” – they are the folks who maintain at least a semi-comfortable lifestyle as long as their credit rating will support any debt they choose to incur.  Lastly, “the poor” – they are the folks who seldom give any thought to anything BUT financial wealth and how much they DON’T have.      


Sound harsh?  Sorry, but that is the truth.  I know plenty of poor folks who are rich beyond their wildest dreams, and rich folks that are poor in every way that really matters.  Middle class folks can go either way and may never realize it.  Speaking strictly financially, though, no one is ever stuck where they are unless they choose to be.  That will change if the “transformation” of America is allowed to continue.


As we watch this election year unfold, let’s remember one very important fact.  American government is as broke (because it has no money of its own) as it is broken (because it has no morality.)  Government doesn’t have the money it tosses around, and the corruption within every office of government has made it morally bankrupt.  Some parts more than others – sure – but the whole thing, as an organ of the American people, needs a good scrubbing.


There can be no doubt that the Constitution and the rights it is supposed to protect have been infringed seven ways for Sunday.  Every single politician currently serving in government and/or hoping to be “sworn in” after the next election has and will renege on his or her oath and lies to the American people on a constant basis – again, some more than others.  I used to make political contributions, but there is no way I would ever do so again.  None of them deserve political contributions.  My political contribution is my vote, and most of the time that requires holding my nose while I do it.  If that sounds too cynical, too bad!  Political fundraisers are an abomination, and the fact that no one can be elected without them is an atrocity. 


The wealth that is squandered in this country every single election cycle is staggering!  Think about that and let it really soak in.  In order to even throw your hat in the ring nowadays you’d better have plenty of money and/or backers or you really do not stand a chance of getting a campaign off the ground.  I’m not just talking about presidential elections.  You have to be able to literally stuff yourself down the throats of the American people and put your face in front of them and your voice in their ears at every possible opportunity or you don’t have a chance of being elected to any office.  That costs a lot of money. 


All this would not be necessary if we, the people, were as responsible as we are supposed to be, but, alas – we are not responsible enough to even find out who’s running – much less read up on their background and stated positions.  (I say “we” here, but there are some of us who certainly do not fit that mold – we are just few and far between.)  So, the candidates have no other choice but to raise and spend gobs of money to make the irresponsible American voters aware of their existence. 


The fair share of wealth in this country that is squandered and traded first for votes, then for favors, is an abomination to a freedom based, free thinking society.  Politicians get themselves branded just as surely as prized bulls and heifers on a cattle ranch, then proceed to glut themselves at the trough of public money, and they get used to doing whatever it takes to stay there in one capacity or another for far too long.  Fair share indeed!


One other item on this little tirade – if the politicians’ jobs are valuable enough to deserve the money and benefits they get paid, how is it that we can do without them at their jobs throughout most of the course of a campaign for the same or different office?  Does anyone in the media ever ask that question?  No. 


At this time, the republican field has been winnowed to the point that my first and second choices for president are already gone.  The big, bad states of Iowa and New Hampshire have had their say, along with the media pundits, and that is what we have.  It is shaping up exactly like 2008 did.  I am a well-informed voter that takes the responsibility very seriously, but before I can even get to the polls, I will have to take along a clothespin for my nose!  Money has already spoken in a much louder voice than my individual vote ever could.  Every day the remaining primary contenders continue to tear each other up until I have no faith that the one left standing will be in any way representative of my conservative point of view!  Truthfully, he will either be the richest or the one that the party elites deem the “appropriate” candidate.


If all this sounds too cynical, suck it up – that’s life!  That is what we have allowed the system to become.  I can only hope that THIS candidate will not insist that his supporters go easy on Barack Obama – you know, like the last one did!  For if conservatives know nothing else about politics, they should believe this down to the depths of their souls:  America cannot withstand another Obama term and maintain any semblance to her heritage and founding.  This candidate better be up for the fight of and for America’s very life! 


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