A Question Of Decorum

Deborah Venable



So whilst we wile away the hours

Of our busy, busy days,

Whate’er we hear that sours

In our hearts as it relays

To us our breeding and our manners,

We’ll keep count and even score ‘em

Wave our flags and raise our banners,

But all the while demand decorum!


As they gathered for the speech

In their more than Sunday best,

Heard their leader’s words beseech

All of them to pass the test,

What he said was nothing new,

(Though they rose in great applause)

Words of truth were numbered few,

But the lies became the cause.


From the crowd a lone voice stated,

In a tone that took to task

Two words the leader hated,

Though he didn’t dare to ask

Why the speaker had accused,

“You lie” in such a forum.

There were some, who were amused,

But the cry was still, “Decorum!”



Excuse this meager poetic attempt to respond to Congressman Joe Wilson, D-SC, and his moment of emotional outburst this week during Obama’s address to Congress.  While very little we see come out of Washington these days even passes for civility, (much less decorum), this seems to be the rallying cry of hypocrites from both the right and the left. 


Say it ain’t so, Joe!  Why apologize?  That speech had already been interrupted numerous times with standing ovations from adoring Democrats!  What was one more, albeit, slight interruption to inject a little truth?


“The office of the presidency should be respected,” applies across the board if you ask me.  If the holder of that office so obviously does not respect it, and the Constitution that gives him power, and the people that write his paycheck, well, Mr. President, get over it!


Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid need to take a few notes on truth telling too.  If they are going to insist on some sort of official floor apology for simply telling the truth, it says more about their manners than anyone else’s. 


In this ever expanding, politically correct demand for tolerance world, we will be forced to defend and demand tolerance for the truth.  The question of decorum has become a cry for liberty and truth!



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