Who Are the Uninformed?

Deborah Venable



While more minds are open and searching for truth than may have been evident in our recent past, let’s take advantage of the opportunity to plant some more seeds of truth in the garden of knowledge, shall we?  We are supposed to be a nation that has awakened or is awakening to facts and history that haven’t been at the forefront of social and political thought for decades.  If that is true, then we might just have a chance of fighting what has taken the place of knowledge and common sense for a very long time.


We had an election recently that, if nothing else, should have reflected the fact that conservatives wanted the people’s House back more than the progressive liberals wanted to run it.  The progressive liberal president went on record saying that this just means that his side has not done a very good job of explaining what his agenda is all about.  We’re just uninformed, don’t you know?


Then he hopped on the people’s jet, taking a whole bunch of other planes, equipment, and people, bought and paid for by the taxpayers of our country, and set out on a ten day excursion of the Orient – at a cost to the taxpayers that boggles the sane mind.  Once again, he thumbed his nose at the “uninformed” little people.


Just the military equipment and personnel alone that had to be uprooted and reconfigured to insure his safety on this trip causes a rational person to scratch his head in wonder at such arrogance.


His explanation?  To open up new markets for American products and services – essentially putting Americans back to work.  Who among you newly “awakened” Americans really believe that?


At the end of the day, (actually the 10 days) all we got for our huge investment was this arrogant fool practically laughed off every stage where he spoke, but you won’t hear that truth from most folks.


The thinking that drives the progressive liberal philosophy being played out in the current administration’s agenda, with which there can be no compromise, is a recipe for disaster if it is not stopped in its tracks.  There is NO common ground.  There is NO win/win negotiation that can be concluded between conservatives and liberal progressives.  Their thinking is flawed and it’s all been tried before.


Diehard Democrats, who still think they represent the party of the people, are the truly uninformed ones.  Their party was infiltrated and successfully taken over decades ago.  While the Republican Party is still in the battle for its soul, it remains the only hope for party sanity that our so-called two party system has.  All the other “third parties” that have sprung up over the years have for the most part done more harm than good.  They are either way out in the realms of extremism, or they are cobbled together to represent a dangerous acceptance of the “other side” philosophy riding the political fence.  Those that carry such reasonable sounding names as “Constitution Party” to name just one, are merely redundancies of the Republican Party’s platform, and as such allow more corruption within that party.  Just ask any RINO to justify many of the stances he takes on certain popular issues and see if the platform would hold up the answers.  Uniformed or blissfully ignorant?  Sometimes it is hard to tell.


The stories being spun to “explain” the 2010 midterm elections are many and varied because when truth has been ignored for as long as it has in this country, that’s what you get – analysts wandering around in the dark, bumping into each other with accusations of which is the proper way to the light!  Accusations!  It is all being done to divert focus from the side effects of said election.  Those side effects run the gambit from over-confidence to miscalculation and downright denial of truth. 


Take the tea party movement for instance – while the progressive liberal media and political elitists alike try to “bag” the tea party as both guilty of wins and losses in this election, (weird) they still don’t grasp what the tea party is all about.  That is partly the fault of the movement itself.  Those of us who followed the explosion of this grass roots phenomenon remember that, like it’s predecessor, the Boston Tea Party, it was all about excessive taxation without representation.  The acronym, (Taxed Enough Already) has all but been forgotten since those “oh so clever” liberals attached the vulgar term, “tea baggers” to the movement. 


If any of those aforementioned “uninformed” are paying any attention at all, take note – the key to saving this republic is simple:


            Get regulatory government toned down and off the backs of the people.


Stop dreaming up ways to control the people through taxation and/or the promise of “tax cuts.”


Stop degrading the family, which is the backbone of our civilization, through regulation, taxation, and out of control legislative and judiciary tyranny.


See how simple that is?


If these things were done, the awful damage done to the economy and our monetary system would heal itself in short order.  It is called, a free capitalist system that works - supported by a moral majority that buys into our founding principals. 


Progressive liberalism has been on a back burner in this country for over a century now, and occasionally it boils over and messes up the whole stove.  It’s about time we took the lid off that pot, cut the heat to it and dumped it instead of just trying to clean up the mess it makes.  The truth is that most of the people who buy into progressive liberalism are the truly uninformed.  They don’t realize that they are just puppets being controlled by adherents to the tried and failed philosophies of socialism, Marxism – communism – let’s cut to the chase, shall we?  Ignorance is their most prized commodity. 


Some of us learned the evil lessons of communism in our youth and never forgot what it is all about.  I find it appalling that we don’t even adequately teach this stuff any more, and that many who once learned about it have forgotten the lessons or choose to ignore them.  Ignorance.  Communism kills everything it touches.  One can never be free and be a communist.  There will always be someone higher up on the ladder of power that is more free than you are.  Communists are skilled at offering up figureheads that either appear benign or downright heroic in their skill to lead the masses toward prosperity.  If that figurehead is also a bungling dunderhead, what can we expect the supposedly uninformed to conclude?  Surely not that THEY are the stupid ones!


Two more years of this guy might just kill this republic – but only if the uninformed are truly stupid. 



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