Where Evil Starts

Deborah Venable



Evil grows where one person decides to exercise a power he does not possess over another he does not control in a manner that does not recognize justice.  Evil immediately plants itself in the crevices and provides a temporary power that eventually destroys all. 


With this observation applied, we can readily see that all humans fit nicely within its boundaries, therefore, evil is a human by-product of life itself.  This probably won’t set well with some religious tenets, which espouse evil as the “alter ego” of the spirit of good emanating from the Creator, but it does place the responsibility for the control of evil squarely on the shoulders of each individual where it undoubtedly belongs.  This should be an uplifting message instead of the purveyor of doom that resounds from believing that evil has a spiritual power all its own.


Let me rush to quell confusion and religious rebellion over this provable theory by asking the devout to remember that their belief system compels them to believe that man is created in God’s own image.  Would not the Creator have then provided the power and responsibility of maintaining that image free from an out of control evil damnation?  It doesn’t make sense that a benevolent God would have created a being in His own image, only to leave him powerless to destroy an opposing force of evil.  We are told – warned, really, that God is disposed of all the negative components of man as well as the good.  We are also given the challenge to overcome them all, as He has already done, and that if we do not, we will be dealt our ultimate justice from His hand. 


Now, this is where Christianity comes in and fills in the blanks.  Man’s power begins and ends within himself.  There is no power to control other men that emanates from him being a man – only an imagined power in the mind of wielder and recipient alike.  So, what of those who succumb to this imagined power without due process of resistance?  Are they, too, considered evil?  Man, with his limited scope of understanding, might think so, but God, in His ultimate wisdom, has provided a Champion, in the image of Jesus Christ, to take the scales of justice and tip them in favor of the most innocent.  The only requirement is a belief in the Champion.  No matter the “sins” of the believer in the past, judgment will be passed on the strength of his belief alone.


It is quite interesting that those of the Jewish faith have always labored under a delusion of victim awaiting redemption, yet do not recognize or accept that the redemption has already been provided. 


Within the many other belief systems in the world, including many sects of the Christian faith even, we find ancient and not so ancient theories that view man as basically weak, but provide other men with more so-called power to channel and even interpret the relationship between man and his Creator.  I reject all these theories because they fail the test of “man in the image of God” and “all men are created equal.”  (Equal here refers to the potential for the same end.)  Obviously a man born with one eye is not physically equal to one born with two, etc.  Christianity again provides the “equalizer” for the end result of anyone who is born or becomes “unequal”, through the belief in the Champion of the weak and strong alike. 


Those with a strong Christian faith can overcome all evil and even provide for benevolent judgment of others through their own belief.  It only requires adhering to a belief in good over evil and not exercising an imagined power that they do not possess over others.  Many professed Christians do not see it this way as they try to exercise daily influence over their fellow man – inventing their own rules about what constitutes evil and the right path back to the Creator in the end.  This is why I have a real problem with all organized religions.  Once man “organizes” in a system of beliefs, he must order the group with imposed rules that are handed down by man – not God. 


The Creator, Himself, only imposes those rules, which are necessary for natural order and the exclusion of evil - imagined power.  I believe those rules are most embodied in what have become known as the “Ten Commandments.”  From adherence to these simple rules we can exclude all evil from the actions of man.  The first of these commandments, which many atheists believe they break daily, simply instructs us not to place anything above the power of our Creator.  A self-proclaimed atheist does not really do that, do they?  Some of the most ethical people you will ever meet will be atheists, who do not support one man’s power over another.  It is a pity that they cannot buy the concept of the Champion, but this probably stems from the total responsibility they may wish to accept for their own actions.  Looking at it that way, could they be so damned to a judgment from a benevolent God who has extended Himself in the image of a Son willing to “equalize” good men in the end?  It is not up to you or me to pass that judgment.


The commandments are simply the embodiment of man’s decency to man and respect for himself and his Creator.  I’ve heard it said that these commandments are not clear in their meaning, to the point of even being contradictory, and totally at the mercy of interpretation.  This from those who want everything in life spelled out for them by some man-made set of rules.  I would sooner trust my God given intelligence to sort out meaning for myself with His guidance, wouldn’t you?


As for the atheists and others who agreed with the Ninth Circuit Court Decision denouncing the Pledge Of Allegiance as unconstitutional, I would ask, are you not providing a fertile ground for evil to take root? 


Whether or not you have some aversion to referencing God has nothing to do with whether or not America was established “under God.”  It is a provable fact that our unique system of government was established under the direction of Divine Providence.  (The “establishment clause” of the U.S. Constitution begins and ends with a constraint on government not to establish an official state religion.  The attempt to interpret some sort of taboo against mentioning God or allowing public prayer is the same sort of thing I was talking about earlier – the equivalent of one religion making the rules that define evil.)  Pu-leeze, all you up in arms atheists – don’t you see you are playing right into the socialists’ hands that want to destroy any semblance to the original America?  Like it or not, the only reason you are free to believe the way you do is because the Founders were operating under a strong belief in a Higher Power that gave you those rights – God not government!


 I say again - Evil grows where one person decides to exercise a power he does not possess over another he does not control in a manner that does not recognize justice.  Evil immediately plants itself in the crevices and provides a temporary power that eventually destroys all. 


Stop believing that you can ever be more powerful than that which created you.

Don’t accept or worship false symbols as truth.

Don’t blaspheme in the name of that Creator.

Don’t murder.

Don’t steal.

Don’t lie.

Don’t be ruled by jealousy.

Remember physical limitations and rest once in awhile.

Show respect for your origin.

Leave off the recreational sex and try commitment for a change.     


Does anybody see any reason why these should not be the very basis for all education of a humanity striving to be free, sovereign individuals?  Beyond these simple rules is where evil starts.



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