America’s Biggest Problems

Happy Easter Everyone

Deborah Venable



The elitist establishment, (which includes most of the media and many politicians), are telling us that America’s biggest problems are economic.  Indeed, this belief is actually out front and driving the eventual ruin of the Republican Party.  It may be very easy to believe because, let’s face it, our economic house does appear to be in ruins.  Never mind that to the rest of the world we appear to be the richest nation on earth, our economy is in shambles compared to what it has been and could be again.


But I would posit that our biggest problems have nothing to do with our economy.  It is merely an aggregate irritation to its obvious wounds.


Believe it or not, we are being judged by the world on one simple question:  “How do you treat the weakest among you?”  That question is in quotes because I heard it come out of the mouth of American novelist, Brad Thor.  An interesting personality about whom I could probably write a separate article, Mr. Thor is a member of the Heritage Foundation think tank, among other groups of people trying to find solutions for our biggest problems.  That one question should point the way to the answer for all of America’s problems.


In defining “the weakest among us” and how we treat them, we will soon see that the economy is not the cog in our wheel.  Then again, if you look at how our economic decisions are being handled today, you will most definitely see that no concern is being shown for future generations, or those, like myself, in our twilight years that have known a better America.


If that last statement gives you pause – good!  It is meant to do just that.  


In that “better America” morality was given a place at the table – morality with specific rules and not man-made perceived rights.  We had a clear idea of what made a strong family and a strong community, and although the rules were broken occasionally, we were not so confused that we had to codify the rule-breaking into law.  Now, that is exactly what we are doing.  The fine for breaking these immoral and ungodly laws is a loss of our real rights, defined in our heritage, and the insistence on solving everything with money.  Morality has lost its place at the table.


As this Easter season should remind us all who profess the Christian faith, whether the secularists or members of other theocratic organizations or governments here and the world over like it or not, America was born a Christian Nation.  If our president and other members of this government wish to deny this or continually cover it up, they will do so at their own peril.  I, for one, am not at all afraid or ashamed to draw attention to the fact that my Creator endowed me with the ONLY rights I possess; therefore He and only He may take them from me. 


That and only that is the backbone of this country - not a self-serving, behemoth government that wishes to subjugate us as it obfuscates our heritage and brainwashes our children.  


Christians must cease to be cowards in the face of political correctness.  We must own what we believe, and believe in what we own.  We must not allow our country to become hamstrung by every immoral act the lowest common denominator among us wish to make legal.   


How do we treat the weakest among us?  Currently, by telling them that they have no hope and no right to hope that they matter.  Currently, by telling them that they need other people’s money, stolen by their government from those that have, just to survive.  Currently, by telling them that morality is extracted from the equation of monetary value instead of willing submission to a set of simple rules: do not murder, do not steal, do not covet, do not lie, do not undermine marriage, remember your Creator, and do not do anything to anyone that you would not want them to do to you!  The weakest among us would be the greatest beneficiaries of all those rules.


You want a strong economy again and solutions for America’s biggest problems?  Stop worshipping a government that does not resemble its original parent any more.  Cut its purse strings and make it learn to survive as a leaner, more efficient protector of the people’s will.  Remind our so-called leaders that they are not royalty and were never meant to be.  This is a nation of individuals.  This is a nation of exceptionalism.  This is a Christian Nation.


Happy Easter everyone! 



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