Mission Statement: “Mission Scrubbed!”

Deborah Venable



Does it bother anyone else that space has been deemed off limits to America by our esteemed president?  Have you thought deeply about what it really means to our future?  Let me just remind Democrats that JFK is probably rolling over in his grave! 


Let’s face it, folks, we can’t even call Democrats and Liberals “Progressives” any more if this absurdity stands.  (Not that the term was fitting anyway!)


What is “progressive” about giving up the baton of leadership in space exploration to every other country and culture on earth?  And do you really think that American taxpayers will no longer be footing the bill for whatever efforts are made by those other entities?  (Quick!  I have some swampland if you believe that!)


Okay, I will try to type slowly for those who care to follow reason, (although this IS a rant) and you really need to give it the old college try to understand what this means.


Fact 1:  The Obama power cabal does not respect American history, culture, or exceptionalism.


Fact 2:  Everything, and I do mean everything that the Obama power cabal has implemented or tried to implement works in direct opposition to everything America stands for, namely individual freedom.


Fact 3:  The Obama power cabal respects only government power – not individual choice or free capitalist economics.


Fact 4:  NASA has always represented the superiority of American will and determination, and its efforts have resulted in catapulting the whole world forward – not backward, with advances that would have never been dreamed of without it.


Fact 5:  The discoveries and advancements that were a byproduct of the NASA space program are too numerous to count.


I’ll stop there, even though I am sure these facts could grow into quite a lengthy list.  As you study the last two, know that the Obama power cabal certainly has no intention of continuing such successes because that stands in the way of everything they wish for America.  Remember, they already think that we are too arrogant, too successful, too rich, too well respected in the world, and otherwise just a mean, selfish country.


We’ve got to level the playing field!


The only “leveling” that will satisfy the Obama power cabal is the leveling of America, once and for all!  They do not care if you have dreams.  They do not care if you do not wish to be “cared for” by government.  They do not care how your children will fair in the future.  They do not care if every other culture in the world consumes ours and enslaves anyone who tries to resist. 


They will leave our borders open to thieves and killers.  They will invite international law to overrule the Natural Law that this country is built upon.  They will continue to brainwash, indoctrinate, and corrupt your children.  They will embrace the worst of humanity’s religions and cultures over the uniqueness that made this country great.  They will continue to stir the race pot to make all of this happen!


And they will continue to take as much money out of your pockets to pay for it all until they have to face the fact that their economic system IS INDEED zero sum – finite – limited - because they destroyed the one that wasn’t!


In response to articles such as this on the “new direction” of NASA, reaching out to Muslims and making them feel better about themselves and their contributions, I come away shaking my head at the utter ignorance behind anyone who would support such a thing.  I thought that was what we have Hillary Clinton for!  God knows she spends enough money globe trotting and carrying the water for our hopeless and hapless president - why, then, do we have to task NASA with this garbage?  I would rather see NASA totally disbanded, put out to pasture, placed in mothballs until such time as we are rid of ANY Muslim or communist influence in our government. 


Get our names off the checkbook that pays the bill for anything remotely concerned with space exploration if this is how the game is to be played.  That would save billions for awhile.  Turn it over to the free capitalist system, and see if that works.  I don’t think it will, because the American government spawned the idea of national space exploration and proceeded to groom the little tyke to a very successful outcome.  The military influence is overwhelming – and that is precisely why it was so successful.


Please try to remember that Russia started the whole space race thing, and we just answered the call, caught up, and took over the race.


Then it was a tool for valuable interaction with old and future enemies.  That is what the International Space Station is all about. 


The whole time all this was going on, I heard a multitude of negative comment about the space program, how much money it cost, how insane it was, how ungodly, useless, and wasteful every space shot was.  Does anyone even stop to think any more about the benefits – indeed the lifesaving benefits learned because of the space program? 


I remember exactly where I was when the first lunar landing happened.  What that felt like!  The American spirit got a shot in the arm that day!


Now, there are probably as many people in this country that think the whole thing was a hoax as are absolutely certain that it wasn’t!


In fact, there are probably more people that think American astronauts never landed on the moon than there are that think we have a constitutionally ineligible president in the Whitehouse.


I leave you with proof that JFK is rolling in his grave:


“Those who came before us made certain that this country rode the first waves of the industrial revolution, the first waves of modern invention and the first wave of nuclear power. And this generation does not intend to founder in the backwash of the coming age of space. We mean to be part of it - we mean to lead it.” - John F. Kennedy (at the onset of the lunar landing program.)


“Now is the time...for this nation to take a clearly leading role in space achievement, which in many ways may hold the key to our future on Earth.” - John F. Kennedy


RIP, Mr. President – you did your part!



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