Hillary In 2008?

Deborah Venable



  The very real possibility exists that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 2008.  It naturally follows that she could be elected.  If she is elected, it will be for one reason and one reason only – because she is a woman.  She won’t be elected in spite of the fact that she is a woman, but BECAUSE of it!  And the women voters of America will be to blame for electing her.  A large percentage of women are all set to vote for her BECAUSE she is a woman. 

If I am sounding far too cynical here, it is only because I am a realist.  It is inevitable that sooner or later America WILL have a woman president.  Hillary knows this too and has been biding her time for the right time, which I think she will decide is 2008.  Many analysts, more brilliant than I, seem to think that there is really no danger that Hillary can win the presidency in 2008.  I hope they are right.  I fear that they are not. 


She is virtually unchallenged this fall in her bid for re-election to the Senate.  She maintains an almost unlimited cache of campaign funds, due in no small part to the Hollywood left types.  She is their darling of politics after all.  I think Hillary would be extremely hard to beat in a bid for the presidency.  It is outrageously ridiculous that she ever got elected to the United States Senate six years ago.  But she did.  No one of sane objectivity can believe that Hillary was the right choice to represent the state of New York there.  Remember, representation of the interests of the STATE is the duty of a senator – NOT the representation of special interest groups all over the country.  Tell me which interest Hillary has represented more in the last six years.  Just try and convince me that the woman has closed her eyes and her pockets to nationwide special interest groups and made every Senate vote count for the state of New York.


Hillary Clinton has always known that in order for her to excel in politics, she has to appeal to women.  She has to present herself as the public political voice for women, because, let’s face it, she really has NOTHING else going for her.  She is not that knowledgeable about any particular subject, and it really shows in her public speaking.  I don’t care that mine may not be a popular view – the truth is not always popular, is it? 


So she speaks to women and their “controversial” issues, about children and her warped view of family values, and makes “moral” sounding arguments against those not in line with her socialist agenda.  She is a popular weapon in the arsenal of the world governance crowd and those who believe in compromising national sovereignty and American interests in favor of United Nations peaceful capitulation to the will of the “majority.”  She is dangerous to conservative values and American traditionalists, and extremely dangerous to the survival of our Constitutional Representative Republic.


Do we really want to elect as our first woman president a woman with a track record of not even being able to keep her own house in order? 


Is it any wonder why the Hollywood left would back such a woman?  After all, they make millions exploiting such dramatic and comedic representations of houses not in order, do they not?


It is obvious to the most casual observer that Hillary’s handlers have been quietly trying to put a bee in the media’s bonnet that Hillary is slowly shifting her politics toward a more centrist position.  Whether or not a vast number of ordinary folks are buying it is anybody’s guess, but rest assured that this woman is not now, nor has she ever been, nor will she ever be a centrist.  Not that I would respect her any more if she were – I’ve not hidden the way I feel about fence sitting politicians.  But it is purely absurd to even imagine that this radically liberal socialist could ever represent the middle ground on American political issues.  She is smart enough to try to appear centrist because she can certainly see that her liberal counterparts have lost presidential bids repeatedly in the recent past, but it will only be an act – coached perhaps by her many friends in the field of acting.


It isn’t too early to start watching closely the actions of and the reactions to Hillary Clinton’s political maneuvering, her financial support and related vote pandering, or her affiliations with and distancing from various interest groups as she passes “go” and collects the $200 as many times as she can between now and November 2008.  Try and imagine what a War On Terror would look like with a Clinton – and specifically THIS Clinton – at the helm of this ship of state.  Would-be Hillary voters should be aware that the last thing they would need to be worried about in that scenario would be their feminist ideals or their “reproductive” rights.  


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