Significant Emotional Event

Deborah Venable



Focus in America is so scattered that saving the ideal of America is becoming almost impossible.  Too many seem unconcerned with saving America, the ideal, the culture, the dream of freedom and opportunity.  We have real problems just trying to save our history from those that would pollute it with inaccuracy, tell it with shame, and condemn it to irrelevance.  We can’t even seem to define our philosophies in terms that can be readily understood and adhered to.  The problem is a lack of focus complicated by an unbelievable lack of commitment to do whatever it takes to restore America’s original greatness.  The problem is typical American behavior.


The masses have been deliberately mis-educated, to put it nicely, and brainwashed, to tell the truth about it.  Many have awakened or are awakening to this fact and to much of the truth from the results of it, but focus is still hard to manage when it comes to verbalizing a game plan for how to fix this damage.  I believe that we now have a very willing audience to learn the truth about America’s problems and for any number of proposals for action to fix them, but I have yet to hear anyone in the arena of political or religious ideas articulate the full extent of the damage we have sustained or the tangible reality of what it will take to repair it.  Many have gotten quite close, but to my knowledge at least, none have pegged it dead on.


There has never been an action by our government representatives that has garnered such immediate negative attention from those with their eyes open as the so called Patriot Act passed by Congress and signed by the president last year.  No wonder!  For all intent and purpose, this thing was the hand that finally ripped the last remaining shreds of the Constitution from its page in our history book!   I challenge ANYONE who put his or her vote and name on the passage of this legislation to look me in the eye and tell me he or she read it and understood it!  If that were true, the lot of them should be impeached!  These people all swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  This misnamed Patriot Act does everything but that!  Now, since that campaign to destroy America was so successful, they are proposing still a second part – a Patriot Act II, if you will.  Anyone doubting whether or not that will pass eventually is dreaming!


There have been many landmarks of our destruction in the past that have done much more harm perhaps, but passage of the Patriot Act is the first time in my memory when you had people from all over the political map so condemning of a single act.  Their reasons for opposing it were just as scattered.  Some would have been perfectly happy if Clinton or any other Democrat had been in the executive office when this abortion of Constitutional law was signed, but since the Republicans were “in charge” that was enough to label it an “illegal abortion.”  Anyway you look at it, folks, it was still an abortion!  If you happen to be one who is cringing at my choice of words to describe it – good!  Think about it for a while.


Those of us in the conservative and constitutionalist camps were immediately alerted to this abortion of the Constitution for obvious reasons.  Ironically, many stood by and let the liberal “defenders of civil liberties” make the most noise in opposing this questionable law, while still others began to resort to elaborate conspiracy theories that the left hadn’t even formulated about the Republican controlled administration and Congress trying to install a dictatorship within the government.  Everyone, to a person, ignored the obvious.  This is America and we DO still have a Constitution.  Within that unique document we have the means to replace the government on a regular basis, impeach every last treasonous soul who attempts to infringe on our God given rights – anytime – and fix every single flaw in the process of law and government that has been imposed on the American people since the country was founded.  If the Constitution has truly been aborted, each and every one of us was an attending abortionist. 


One argument I have had with those who share many of my conservative views is that of whether or not to vote for the “lesser of the evils.”  Many, who have become disillusioned with the Republican Party especially, claim that a vote for the lesser of the evil is still a vote for evil.  That is very common rhetoric for the defeatist attitude that seems to prevail in today’s constitutionalist and conservative community.  Very prominent people are leading the call to stay home from the polls and just not vote.  Yep, Buddy!  That’ll show ‘em, won’t it?  This truly makes no logical sense to me.  That is precisely what our opponents count on and they don’t care how high and mighty or noble your reason is for refusing to vote.  Add to that the majority of the qualified voters who can’t be bothered to vote and wouldn’t know the first thing about making an intelligent choice anyway, and you have the government being chosen by a minority of the people, many of whom who could care less if the Constitution is on the chopping block or not!  But go ahead and stay home and wring your hands about freedom in this country being lost. 


It is somewhat remarkable that instead of taking advantage of an opportunity to focus attention on the importance of certain government infringements and garner support from various ideologies to fight corrupt government on a purely Constitutional basis, many self proclaimed constitutionalists have resorted to attacking individual personalities and assigning those personalities to a party view or traditional philosophical view.  Remarkable and destructive. 


The Republican Party is almost as hated by many conservatives and constitutionalists as by the liberal Democrats.  Granted, the actions of far too many representatives with an R behind their names indicates that THEY do not support their own party’s platform or that they are working to change that platform.  Indeed the leaders of the party no longer act with the high-minded integrity of Republican philosophy.  These are individuals who have taken over the party just as surely as ignorance has taken over the minds of the masses.  Know this: everything you see and hear about erroneous philosophies governing America is a giant ruse to veil the real facts – facts that simply indicate a deliberate attempt to sabotage the separation of philosophical views that have always set the political stage in our country. 


One is the belief in limited central powers in servitude to the people – always!  The other is the belief that government exists to protect and provide for the public good – at all costs!  Now these are pretty simple philosophies.  Democrats come down on the side of the latter view and Republicans on the former.  Any melding of these ideas is mutually exclusive and renders the philosophies weak at best and laughable in most cases.  In a few instances we have seen representatives elected to office via membership in these offshoot parties, but generally this only occurs because of the strength of support for the individuals involved – not for support of their party platforms.  Most voters still fall into the two main categories of philosophical beliefs outlined above – Democrat or Republican. 


The Republicans have no doubt veered off course.  Democrats, on the other hand have remained close enough to their philosophical base beliefs to be a much more credible force as a party.  Granted, you still have the conservative, moderate and liberal fine points within the party, but they are not as divergent from their platform as those liberal and moderate Republicans tend to be from theirs.  That is why the Republicans have lost, not only credibility, but also key support from many Americans who could make a real difference in the salvation of America from the tentacles of tyranny.  The very folks who should be able to make a real difference have thus lost focus.  


In discussing with conservatives and constitutionalists the major problems in America that require immediate attention, two things will come up every time – two things that have a direct impact on the monster oppressive government animal that is consuming American ideals and freedoms.  That animal has a voracious appetite for money and financial control of each and every American citizen.  Therefore, the informed American knows that those two problems have to do with the FED and the IRS.  These are the feeders of the animal and the hands on the throat of America.  Kill one and the other won’t be far behind.


We must choose the weaker of the two entities to attack and defeat first – the one that offers us the most obvious vulnerable target for complete destruction.  In my opinion, the IRS wins that one hands down.  The whole concept of income taxing is flawed and evil in its intent.  Absolutely NO good comes from it and it is the cancer that has been eating away at every vital part of America since its beginning.  Many good and loyal American patriots have been brutalized, persecuted, prosecuted, imprisoned and even murdered by the aforementioned animal in the protective clothing of IRS enforcement.  Many others have “checked out” and chosen to live “underground” to avoid feeding the animal via the IRS.  Still others have taken a more direct approach and have tried to carry on a legal battle against this obviously lawless entity.  Their valiant efforts are practically doomed from the start, but they continue to gain attention, (positive and negative), as time goes on.  Here is the problem in a nutshell, though.  These groups are ALL vastly outnumbered by the majority of Americans who continue to empower the IRS, and thus the beast, by allowing the continued intrusion, confiscation, intimidation, and regular scrutiny for compliance with this infringement on everything America stands for.  We are a nation of individual and collective wimps – pure and simple.  We allow our so-called representatives to argue in the hallowed halls of congress and the grandly decorated rooms of the highest offices in our government over such ridiculous terminology as “tax cuts” and “legal deductions” when they have no right to determine any of it!  They DO NOT have a right to determine government compensation BEFORE the individuals that are the source of that compensation even realize their own FULL compensation for their individual efforts!  Government withholding of taxes is immoral, unconstitutional, (yes, I mean the amendment itself), and destructive to the fabric of America.  Invasion of our privacy is an unavoidable by product of the IRS and tax system.  That point alone makes it unconstitutional, folks!  It is NOBODY’S business what my individual yearly compensation is for my legally pursued efforts.  Period. 


Stay focused, here, folks.  Think for a moment of this scenario.  A new neighbor moves into the house or apartment next door to you.  He comes over and knocks on your door and starts asking you questions:


            What is your full name?

            What is your SS number?

            What is your spouse’s full name?

            What is his/her SS number?

            How many children do you have?

            What are their SS numbers?  (Required even of BABIES!)

            Who do you and your spouse work for?

            How much money did you make last year?

            Got any money invested in bank accounts?

            How about stock?

            How much?

            How much did you spend on health care?

            How much money did you spend on clothes for your job?

            Now – PROVE IT ALL!

            Know his – I think you will lie to me, so I can arrest you if you do.


Do you get the picture yet?  It gets much worse if you try to take advantage of the so-called loopholes” in the tax code so that you might avoid paying as much tax as you would without them.  But, you might say, this is no strange new neighbor – it is your beloved government and you owe “your fare share” after all.  You want them to protect you in every way imaginable, and you want them to provide charity to the underprivileged so you won’t have to think about personal charity.  It all costs money and you know that.  So you WILLINGLY allow agents in the private and government sectors of society to trample all over your individual rights to privacy each and every year via the bazaar ritual of reporting to the IRS.  This is called, “filing” by the way.  Stay focused here and think of every possible meaning of the word, “filing” if you would.  Brings a whole new meaning to the effects of the ritual if you really think about it. 


Here’s the point to all this, sports fans.  You might think that the government has every right to require income tax filing of YOU.  You might think that the tax code is fair for YOU.  You might not mind if any number of folks knows everything there is to know about YOUR private life via these tax forms.  You might not have enough sense to know that the whole process violates YOUR constitutional rights.  The only thing that matters in all this is that YOU do not have a right to decide all these things for anybody else. 


Back to the Patriot Act I and II now.  The glaring evil in these unconstitutional laws is the defiant way they render our constitutional rights null and void and set us up for ungodly government tyranny – heretofore unheard of in America!  Or is it “unheard of,” folks?  Hell no!  We put up with the same tyranny on a regular basis via the IRS!  Wake the hell up and get that through your heads!  We gave away all those rights years ago.  The point is, all you who would fight this Patriot Act so valiantly, what about THOSE infringements on privacy?  Does anyone still believe in ANY gun control in America?  If you do, your position is self-defeating to say the least and dangerous in the stark reality of truth!  Does anyone still believe in any reason for legal abortion to protect a woman’s privacy?  If you do, you are an absolute hypocrite at the least and mentally deranged to think murder of innocence justifies protection of a privacy you have already lost to a greater extent.  You don’t have ANY rights that government wants to protect for you!  It is high time you realize that.  The only rights you have are those God-given rights that you are willing to fight for yourself.  Our Founding Fathers spelled them all out and wrote documents that gave everyone the legal right to refuse government infringement of them.  We continue to finance that infringement via the IRS and accept more and more infringements such as the Patriot Acts. 


It should be pretty obvious by now that Americans need to undergo an immediate change in behavior to salvage the American ideal and restore America to her former glory.  Many say that it will never happen, that America is too far gone, that the system is broken and can never be fixed, therefore, don’t vote any more.  Let me try to hold onto my temper long enough to give you one more piece of information that is imperative to understand.  America is not a nation of wimps.  NOT the America I know and love.  We are still in possession of the territory of an ideal that has never been equaled on the face of the earth.  Our ancestors fought and died for this ideal and it is not our right to allow it to be squandered for future generations of Americans.  We desperately need to undergo this behavior change.


Anyone who has studied the human psychological makeup agrees that behavior changes in human beings are relatively easy to accomplish up until the age of ten years old.  After that, radical behavior changes may still be accomplished through the use of a significant emotional event.  This can be proven if you do not wish to take my word for it.  As a quick example, think about the effects of the so-called Scared Straight Program, employed by many parents and educators to reach incorrigible teenagers, who might otherwise be doomed to a life of crime etc.  This is the utilization of the concept I am talking about – a significant emotional event. 


Make no mistake; Americans WILL one day collectively undergo a significant emotional event that has the potential to cause the needed positive behavior change.  The events of September 11, 2001 had that potential, and in some cases I’m sure, did in fact cause behavioral changes in some Americans.  For one thing, many were turning their attentions toward God and their own mortality.  That is a very good first step.  However, it has been short-lived and there were many negative consequences to this event also.  The most startling of these has been an unreasonable willingness to hand over freedom in return for NOTHING but imagined safety!  Much more harm than good was the result of this significant emotional event - perhaps because New York City is so far removed from most of the rest of the country and perhaps because the event itself, while undoubtedly horrible, was just not significant enough to cause the positive effect.  At any rate, there will be another, and we had better be ready for it.  Enough well-informed and clear minded folks must take this event when it occurs and use it to literally scare America straight!  If we do not, we may well not get another chance.   


In the meantime, stop willingly feeding the beast, capitulating moral right, and allowing your rights and others’ to be trampled.  America is worth saving.  My conservative and constitutionalist friends must cooperate and focus on the important pieces of this giant problem.  My liberal friends must realize that YOUR philosophy is not safe in a world that does not recognize MY rights.  America worked before and it can work again.  Love it, believe in it and live your beliefs.  We must win this country back from the jaws of tyranny.  We are already in a war.  It is high time we act like soldiers if we want to win it.  We have no friends that understand us like we must strive to understand each other.  We do not need to be preached to by the rest of the world.  Our ancestors and our God wrote the sermon on freedom.  We instinctively know how to win this war.  Now, let’s get to it! 



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