You Might Be a Terrorist

Deborah Venable



Issued in February of 2009 from the state of Missouri – read this paper on the Modern Militia Movement, aimed specifically at law enforcement agencies.  


Do you fit the “profile” of a domestic terrorist?  It might surprise you to find out that you do! 


Let’s do this Jeff Foxworthy style and say:


            If you believe that the IRS should be abolished, you might be a domestic terrorist.


If you believe that the Constitution should be upheld, you might be a domestic terrorist.


If you believe that abortion is an abomination, you might be a domestic terrorist.


If you believe your children should be home schooled, you might be a domestic terrorist.


If you believe our borders should be secured against illegal aliens, you might be a domestic terrorist.


If you listen to conservative talk radio, you might be a domestic terrorist.


If you read or write conservative blogs or columns about individualism, you might be a domestic terrorist.


In short, if you believe that liberal Democrats do not have all the answers to the governance of America, you might be a domestic terrorist.


A reference in the above document notes that a reemergence of the militia movement can be seen due to “the current economical and political situation.”  Also it states that “there is a great deal of anger against the Federal Reserve and all forms of tax collection.” 


Well, duh! 


Okay, so everyone knows that so-called militia groups have been responsible for some pretty bad stuff, hold some outlandish fringe ideas about supremacy and racially charged prejudices, and don’t necessarily mind targeting anyone who doesn’t believe like they do.  But these “extremist” groups have always been in the minority – even if all their factions get grouped together into one, (quite an impossible outcome when you consider the many different points of view they cover.)  When you stack them up against, say, radical Islamist groups, their cohesiveness can’t hold a candle! 


When we are talking about real terrorist groups trying to justify their outrage within as free a society as still exists here in America, the “jihads” would win – hands down – any battle for their cause, because they are, without exception, all against freedom.  They aren’t about empowering anything but their law and religion.  Individualists are not valuable to such a group.


The militia movement described in this document DOES appeal to individualists for the most part, and they do promote freedom as the prize to be had.  They appeal to survivalists at a time when a great many people are concerned about the survival of the American way of life.  They appeal to traditionalists at a time when moral relativism is running rampant.  They appeal to common sense at a time when it certainly seems in short supply within the bureaucracy of government.


As I read over this document, and of course I have no way of knowing how many others like it have been distributed among law enforcement agencies, I wondered how many “red flags” I have accumulated just by being outspoken on the injustices I see around me.  It’s something to think about.  Once upon a time in our Constitutional Republic, these thoughts might never occur to a law-abiding citizen.  But then as we all know, times have changed.


I suppose it could be argued that yesterday’s revolutionary freedom fighter is today’s domestic terrorist, but I still see most of the real terror coming from the socialist/Marxist/communist agenda being trotted out of Washington and state legislatures and courts all over the country right now.  The last time I checked, “tea parties” were still considered a peaceful gathering. 


Threatening terror to influence government sounds more like the liberal agenda.  Case in point – terrorizing children with tales of planet destruction via carbon footprints, and threatening global financial meltdown without more American taxpayer dollars funneled into world markets.  


Yep, I’d have to say that most of the real domestic terrorists have a D behind their names, or at least a misleading R.  



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