Knock Knock, Is Anybody Home?

Deborah Venable



I hate to interrupt all this ultra attention being paid to the domestic crisis here at home – where our esteemed legislative and executive branches of government are attempting to overrun the last few liberties we have in this country via putting themselves in total charge of every personal decision we will ever make in our foreseeable lifetimes – but a major crisis is developing in the area of national defense! 


Attention!  The enemy is at the gate!


While Communist China is doing everything in its power to insure that our economy will be toast in short order, Russia is now doing everything in its power to aid our most visual and outspoken enemy – radical Islam!  Add to that, all our State Department and President can do is severely condemn and dress down our one true ally in the Middle East, namely Israel, for trying to mind their own business!


Surely most of the people in this country cannot believe that this administration has any clue about national security or foreign policy.  This bunch has insured that America will have unbearable “entanglements” for some time to come, and none of them can be worked out in our favor if their stupid decisions keep adding up.  We don’t grovel to known and outspoken enemies of our way of life while we spit in the faces of freedom lovers who just want to be left alone!  That is truly not what America is all about.  We don’t appease tyrannical leaders of some of the most ungodly regimes while simultaneously thumbing our nose at our allies! 


As we watch with bated breath the most absurd production of raw power from the legislative and executive branches running roughshod over the whole idea of consent of the governed play out over the domestic issue of “can we please just make our own medical decisions?” – not to mention not allowing “unsustainable” (their words) debt to destroy what’s left of America, we must keep our eye on the gate!  Neither of those two branches are doing a very good job of it, ladies and gentlemen! 


China, in effect, owns us!  Russia has a good chance of reclaiming every bit of ground they may have lost when the Soviet Union fell!  Two-bit tyrannies from North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and a host of others can make national news by simply spewing venom at America, but our so-called fifth column shovels dunes of dust under the rug of watchfulness as the plot thickens to take out our very existence!


Knock, knock – can we just please see what’s behind Door Number One?   


Okay, this little rant was the result of events in the first three months of this year.  It’s been on the back burner since then.  Now might be a good time to finish it. 


Since then Obamacare has been shoved down our throats, uh, signed into law, the debt has grown ever larger, the Gulf oil spill disaster happened, the president and his liberal buddies have had their fun excoriating the state of Arizona for a perfectly Constitutional self-defense law to get double law breaking illegal aliens off the streets, more fraudulent attempts at political power directing have been uncovered, a new (questionable) Supreme Court Justice has been nominated, more terrorists have been appeased, more allies have been snubbed, more jobs have been lost, more statistics have been fudged, the stock market has lost more value, more of the private sector has gone belly up, off-shore drilling for (American only) oil has been frozen, taxpayer dollars have been provided to fund foreign oil exploration, God knows how many taxpayer dollars have been used to snuff out the lives of God knows how many innocent unborn babies (here and elsewhere – yes, you fund foreign abortions too), more covering up of Obama’s own birth records has been accepted, student loans for college have been nationalized, more people have gone bankrupt, national security has been even more compromised, ground zero in New York is under siege as Imams with ties to Islamic terrorists fight to build a prestigious Mosque there, government schools have pumped out another batch of fully indoctrinated youngsters ignorant of their own heritage, uh, graduates, more American soldiers have been butchered by radical Islamic terrorists in foreign theatres of undeclared war (man-caused disasters), more of the world hates us and less of the world respects us (thanks prez), the space program has been all but scrapped while we’ve scrapped even more of our weapon superiority (see national security disaster), and racial tensions continue to get worse – not better like “the one” promised. 


Obama’s approval rating hasn’t tanked nearly fast enough, (he’s still favored to win out over every known possible Republican opponent in 2012).  Did you know that?  Oh, there have been small victories in the primary races for 2010 up to this point, but will enough of the “king’s court” be voted out to make a real difference in November? 


You tell me!


Have another sip of tea and a crumpet of freedom (if you can still find any.)  In the mean time, don’t go back to sleep.  Knock on a few doors and see if anyone else is worried about the enemy at the gate AND the ones already inside.



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