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This article starts out a little “dated” but we’ll get to the real meat and potatoes soon enough.  I started writing it a couple weeks ago during the height of the Cain scandal and last week we got into the Gingrich surge and ultimate media pile on – they haven’t even brought up the things that worry me most about Gingrich – so who does that leave to gain the temporary moment in the sun when Gingrich is finished off?  Don’t answer that, I don’t want to know!  The problem is that I cannot for the life of me visualize anyone from the current republican field making it to the White House.  I could be very wrong and hope to goodness that I am, but I have to tell it like it is.  Of course someone will win the nomination, but that is less than half the battle at this point.  It shouldn’t be if Obama was operating under the same rules as anybody else, but he has the same media and public padding that Bill Clinton did when he won a reelection he shouldn’t have won.  Nobody cares enough!


Have we finally decided in this country that character actually does matter?  What I really mean is, have the media and all political pundits finally come to the same conclusion?  That would be a real first, but since we are well into the most intense media sexual scrutiny of any candidate I can remember in such a short period of time, it must be so.  It’s almost as if we can hear those occupy idiots chanting one of their catchy little numbers, “hey, hey, ho, ho, Herman Cain has got to go!” 


This is not the first time the guy has run for political office since these alleged incidents of sexual harassment and/or predatory sexual behavior are supposed to have taken place.  They came out now probably only because somebody got nervous that he was doing too well in this run.  Up until the last couple of weeks, the worst that could be said about Herman Cain is that he had at one time been chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas.  That has a lot of folks on the right nervous, and I completely understand that.  Even a small defense of the Federal Reserve at this point in time is enough to make any well-informed conservative nervous.  But that alone was failing to knock him off that ladder to the top, so enter the accusations of sexual pervert.  That should work, huh?


Okay, time for a little full disclosure from yours truly here before I go on.  I have not decided whom to support yet in the presidential election next year.  Cain is under consideration as are most of the others at this point.  Also, like everyone else commenting on this subject, I have no idea if Herman Cain is guilty of ever making a woman or multiple women somewhere feel uncomfortable with sexual innuendo or advances.  I do know that the charges will probably be enough to knock him off the top tier even if he is completely innocent.  That’s how things work nowadays.  (I was right about that one, huh?)


As I pointed out in one of my last articles, the number one consideration for a potential republican nominee will be conceived electability.  I didn’t expect Cain supporters to desert him immediately, but trust me they will eventually fall off his bandwagon.  I would love to tell you that this doesn’t matter, that any one of the other candidates could easily beat Obama next year, but I can’t.  No matter how optimistic I try to be, I do not see any of them having a chance at this point.  The Obama machine is in place to do the most damage it can to this country, and that requires four more years.


Everyone knew every negative thing they needed to know about Obama before he was elected the first time and still he won.  It would be insane, (expecting a different result) if we didn’t expect him to be elected again!  If he wasn’t fairly elected the first time, what makes anyone thing fairness will be a component in this election?


(To answer your question, no, I do NOT believe he was fairly elected the first time.)


Now that I’ve said all that, let me say this:  I hope to hell I am wrong!


I could live with that very easily!  I still think the only person who had a reasonable chance against Obama chose not to run, and I cannot fault her for that.  I also know that my view is not openly and widely shared, but so be it.  The problem is that the republican field, just as last time, will be under a much higher scrutiny than will the incumbent, Obama.  I could lay that all at the media’s doorstep, but that would be unfair of me, so I won’t.  It has been too long since we had a true conservative republican in the White House, so republicans are being scrutinized under a Bush lens instead of a comparative lens of liberal scrutiny.  After all, Obama’s tag line is still that all his problems were initially Bush’s, so he needs even more time to straighten everything out.  Right?


Why wouldn’t he be a shoe-in then?


 I hate writing these commentaries about an election that is still the better part of a whole year away, and I hate that I cannot find a positive note to sing on the subject, but we are all about truth here.  Anything could happen over the next year, but I fear that most of it will probably not be good.  Therefore, it is almost enough to make me wish the next year away quickly – and believe me, that is dangerous for someone my age!


Now, this is by no means a hopeless situation.  Within the next year, Obama could shoot himself in the foot, or the media could miraculously decide to start doing their job and shame enough other politicians into doing theirs.  (Did I mention that I am a dreamer?) 

His behavior and the way he has run the country have certainly been scandalous enough to warrant such scrutiny from media and other politicians. 


Bottom line is this:  next year’s election is Obama’s to lose – pure and simple.  Once we have finished demeaning, degrading, and ruining the character of every republican running against him, I hope enough folks decide to start taking a good look at the real character of the current occupant of the White House.  Then we’ll just see if character matters or not.



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