Announcing the release of Professional Parenting – Raising the Hope For America’s Future




Defining the Professional Parent -

I am a professional parent.  I can make this statement because I am probably the highest paid parent in the world.  My earnings from this profession have not been monetary, but they have certainly been valuable.  My payment has been in the form of love, respect, knowledge, and satisfaction.  It has been the most rewarding profession I could have chosen, and I am thankful for my children every day of my life.  Other professional paths I have ever followed pale in the presence of this one.  


This project has taken over a decade to write during a time that has produced some of the most chilling world-wide events in human history.  When I began writing it, I was living in California’s San Francisco Bay Area.  My youngest child had just started school and my oldest had a new family of her own.  The middle three were scattered throughout the public school system from elementary to junior and senior high grades.


If the information in this book is taken seriously, a safer America will be the inheritance of future generations.




The release date for Professional Parenting, Raising the Hope For America’s Future is set for April 2, 2007, but it is now available for order through the publisher’s online bookstore at  This coincides with the fifth anniversary of this website, – quite by chance actually.  The book project is more than twice that old, but I have a tendency to take my time with things as many of my readers know. 


I sincerely hope that Professional Parenting will be widely read and accepted for the information it contains.  It is the first commercial project I have undertaken, so I must say that the success of this book could mean a more secure financial future for my family, but I can honestly add that the real incentive for writing it was to stimulate thought about many things that are not commonly discussed in such detail as they apply to child rearing.  While this book is directed at parents, obviously, the material in it should be understood by every thinking American citizen, for there are few ever born who do not eventually have an effect on children in one way or another. 


I want to publicly thank my publisher, Publish America, for sticking with me through some of the worst times in my life to make this book a reality.  The contract for publication was signed several years ago before my husband became ill and changed our lives forever.  Though I ignored all deadlines and lost all interest in seeing the publication through, these wonderful people showed me nothing but patience and compassion when I needed it most.  When they finally gave me the last gentle prod to meet the deadline or breech the contract forever, I was ready and able to comply.  They have produced the book with maximum consideration for the work and for my wishes.  Thank you, Publish America – particularly, Loretta, Sandra, Margie, and Kelly.


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