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Going, Going, Going

Big Kahuna



It's great to be an American - particularly those my age because we remember what and how this country was. Therefore, we aren't always overjoyed at the way things are today.


You might be asking yourself what the heck is the Kahuna getting to now. Well today while making a purchase I was asked for my drivers license as an ID. The mental giant handling my business wanted to know where was my was my SS number on the
license. I told her that I kept it off because it was no one’s business. The look on her face was one of complete disbelief – not to mention her lack of interest in the fact that I, in doing business with her, was helping to put groceries on her table!


It was at this moment that I began to dwell on how things like privacy and a number of other things that we have all taken for granted through the years are disappearing. We are fast becoming a nation of people who are lied to, ruled, not governed, disarmed (if they can) and taxed to the point of not knowing who we are working for. Is it Uncle Sam and all of his pity party members,(with their hands out) or our families? Those taxes, federal state, city and parish are borderline oppressive. Oh, and last but not least, don't forget fees for a myriad of things we rarely give thought to. I think this equates to the not so subtle erosion of sooo many of our freedoms, including freedom of speech which seems to have vanished along with courtesy and the word of honor, that meant so much to many people.

America though a representative republic was a place where the majority ruled in things that made sense. NOT today. Try doing or saying something that might offend a minority member (check the laws that protect them at your expense) and see how fast you have your derriere in a crack!! Maybe the young people will wake up and see what is going on. Of course with the education system the way it is, they won't be exposed to too much history in school! That system seems dedicated to the idea lets keep them dumb and dependent, so we can control them! If our young folks wait too long all the Grannies and Paw Paws will all be gone and who will tell them the truth, of how it was?


Please forgive this borderline rant. I welcome hearing from those who differ with me.     



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