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Personal Observations & Individual Rights

Connie Kermish



I am going to start this out as a personal reflection own my on experiences in life. I am not a wealthy individual in the sense of money or personal wealth. I have a wonderful family and a very rich and busy life. In that respect I am one of the wealthiest people on the earth.


One of the observations I have made over the last 50 or so years is that people of all walks of life in this country are always trying to make some one else conform to their way of thinking. Leaving out the politics and personal beliefs about God, which is just about impossible considering we are all shaped with ideas from both areas, everyone seems to know what is best for the next person. Now personally I find that irritating I am not a book smart person nor do I claim to be. My language skills stink. Yet I still have the right to attempt to express my thoughts in writing simply because I am.†† I sometimes wonder if when the cave men first started drawing on the walls of their caves to record an event in their lives if some one else was standing in the background saying, you have the dimensions wrong.


Observation number two: I do not know who wrote the Ten Commandments whether it was God or man. I do know for me it is a good sound guideline for living. If you are standing in an open field giving thanks to our creator or in a building doesnít matter - ten little rules of behavior should not be that hard to follow. It seems like the world leaders think they have to impose more rules in which everyone has to follow. Then you have the individual states, counties and towns with more rules. I am not saying that some of the rules we live by daily are all wrong I am simply stating we should not have to have them. If we followed the ten little rules to begin with then there would be no need for more. We would not be doing things wrong.We would not pollute the ground or the water and air for which we depend on for life. We would help to take care of our neighbors and family when needed. That is when good common sense comes into affect - not book learning. Now having said that I am not knocking books I love books I enjoy reading for fun and to learn new skills.


Observation number three: My personal beliefs are just that - mine. I do not have the right to impose them on my friends or neighbors. I do my best not to try and change some one elseís ideas about life simply because no one individual will ever be able to change mine. I do not shout from the rooftops my personal thoughts about what is going on in the world I leave that discussion between my soul mate and myself. I do what I can to support our men and women that are fighting for what they believe in. I am the wife of a veteran and I understand how much they need our support. In a perfect world there would be no need to have the wars and rules.


Considering we have not reached the ability to live with one another in harmony, letís hope and pray we do not destroy the individualís rights of man in the name of society.



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