Guest Rant

By Dorothy Anne Seese



a worldwide village of idiots



The makers of bleeding heart vigil candles will have to get busy now that the law enforcement agencies have captured two suspects in the Washington D.C. area "sniper murders" and will doubtless put them on trial for murder.  What's a death penalty verdict for two cold-blooded killers?  A signal to the village idiots to get out the candles for all-night vigils to the tune of Kumbayah and to call forth the whacked psychiatrists to tell the world why these poor victims of an unfair social order would do something evil.  Their friends and neighbors are already telling the press what "kind, decent people" these two men are and what nice folks they've been in the past. The major media is showing a homey photo of father and stepson in one of those family snapshots of just regular folks. Ten dead and at least two wounded in the D.C. area, another possible murder in Montgomery, Alabama ... just regular guys who have grievances against the US for whatever cause suits them. The old man is another "peaceful" convert to peace-loving Islam and his Tarot-card carrying stepson is an illegal immigrant from Jamaica. Both are admirers of al Qaeda and perhaps friends of Louis Farrakhan (leader of the peace-loving Nation of Islam) but harmless, peaceful types.  Can't you see the stage decorations being pulled out already?

Billy the Kid wound up quite dead at an early age .. because he was a cold-blooded killer. But that was before the liberal agenda grabbed hold of American sense and sensibility and turned the nation upside down and inside out with their lunacy and program of dismantling American liberty, freedom, and justice.

The liberal bongobrains have nearly destroyed the rule of law in America by misusing the law, with the full aid and assistance of the liberal judiciary.  Together, they've created a form of injustice that has twisted America's rule of law into a third-rate circus complete with clowns, flowers, protests, rocks and riots.  But let a person of convictions and character refuse to sign a Tolerance and Diversity agreement with a major corporation, guaranteeing his mental and verbal assent and cooperation with the homosexual agenda, and that employee is fired.  That type of mindset and perverse "tolerance" would have caused a national epidemic of barfing forty years ago.  Yet, such is the case with a guy named Rolf who was terminated by Eastman Kodak, one of the most liberally-oriented corporations in America, because he wouldn't agree to the Agenda!

I'm an American.  I'm a conservative.  I don't like a lot of things my government is doing, including contemplating pre-emptive strikes against our "enemies" who are stragically selected by a warlike administration with big oil interests.  An America that wants to take on and control the world, Americanizing other nations and setting up puppet regimes for its own multinational corporate interests is not my America!  My America wanted to leave others alone unless we were pushed into a war.  My America believed in the mom and pop businesses, personal initiative, personal responsibility and a good work ethic.  My America had its share of crooks but they weren't the role models for the next generation.  My America had some sense, even though the rabid gophers of socialism were eating away at our freedoms with their agenda before I was born.

I'm also hearing a vast silence from the Muslim community coast-to-coast and border-to-border.  Reporters have said that Muslims living in America are gearing up to defend themselves against American revenge.  Well?  The best defense would be an honest outpouring of sympathy from the Muslim communities across the nation, denouncing all Muslim-related terrorism and apologizing to the families of the slain in the "sniper" murders.  Is it forthcoming?  If so, it isn't making media coverage, and most everything Muslims do in America gets media coverage.  The fact is, they don't apologize for terrorist activity in spite of their claims to being peaceful.  If any half-hearted apology is aired, it always ends with their own self-justification for being hostile.

How much emphasis will the prosecution place on John Allen Muhammed's Muslim connections?  Or will they find something about his Gulf War experiences on which to place the blame both on the US and America's traditional heritage and values? Guess what the defense tactics will be!

Some Americans are wide awake and want our America back. Others are chomping pizza, guzzling beer and flipping channels on the remote while the world goes by.  They probably think the suspects were captured in a white van that never existed, except for the fact that anywhere one looks in America there's a white van close by.  We just don't notice them until we're asked if we saw anything at a crime scene.  And who tipped off the law enforcement agencies about the dark blue Chevy Caprice parked at the rest stop?  The driver of a big rig .. a real American.  The rich liberals in this nation are probably sending checks to the candle factories to supply the hired vigil pros with light by which to sing their Kumbayah ditty from dusk til dawn.

Most conservatives are boiling mad about the direction this nation is taking, but they cannot get their act together to do anything to change it, which adds to our frustration.  Leftist liberals just have to follow the pre-scripted Marxist agenda to get their job done and they know how to do it well.  My guess is that either Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, along with Johnny Cockran and a few other defenders of the hapless victims of this "evil" society that has been their cash cow for decades are already planning to aid in the defense of John Allen Muhammed and his stepson.  My guess also is that Louis Farrakhan will keep a low profile unless he makes a speech containing some messages and key phrases.

The rule of law has been left mugged, stabbed, shot, bleeding and dying on the footsteps of the halls of justice while nutty liberals take over the nation and push real Americans against a wall, blaming the conservatives for everything from slavery (which is still alive and well in Africa) to fast food obesity.  The anti-smoking do-gooders are still on a rampage in nearly every city, and having lived through the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's, they've realized now that they might DIE if smoking isn't outlawed.  Yes, they will die, even if it is from obesity or old age.  But the folks they once tolerated are now pariahs, while they jump on the bandwagon to accept diversity and write checks to seek a cure for AIDS.  Cure for AIDS?  How about driving the gays back into the closet and taking the filth off television because instead of promoting teenage smoking, it promotes teenage sex?

Those things we hated in the 50's we now force on the entire American public ... vile things that call for a nation to repent of its sins. Things that were acceptable in the 50's are now grounds for attacks as "intolerant" or "anti-diversity."  Upside down and inside out?  Yep, our innards are showing ... and somehow some guts are missing from the scene of the crime.  We used to have personal liberty and personal responsibility.  The government's job was to mint money and keep the national defense through its military as and when needed to protect our national security (not international financial) interests.

Will we really execute a man named "Muhammed?"  Not if Louis Farrakhan and the al Qaeda financiers have their way about it.  The good ole boys from West Virginia might have some ideas of justice for cold-blooded killers of ten who also critically wounded a 13-year old kid who will have to live the rest of his life with the effects of his injuries.

It's irksome as itchy hemorrhoids to see justice perverted at any level ... individual criminals, corporate crooks, global tyrants, global interventionists, and liberals who use America's founding documents as anvils to crush the skull of Lady Liberty.

We need to take back our nation for Real Americans, and only Real Americans have any interest in doing so.

As far as liberals ... has anyone spotted the latest country club where O.J. is looking for the real killer?  If John Allen Muhammed gets off scott free ... maybe he can join O.J., Farrakhan and Cochran for a game of golf at the al Qaeda Country Club somewhere in the Middle East.  Streisand may even give another farewell concert to honor them.

This just ain't MY America no more! And I want it back.


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