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Robert Cadle



My friend Ned, a Patriot, and combat veteran of two wars, sent this to me, (see link below), and I send it along, as I do a very FEW things.


I send this, NOT because I blindly follow the lead of political leaders, who often wrap themselves in the flag, when they have done nothing to defend it, nor in fact do they REALLY believe in the underlying principles that our flag symbolizes.


I send this as one who HAS not only defended the flag against both foreign enemies in Asia, but for a lifetime against the domestic enemies who have systematically, while so far symbolically, ripped this flag to pieces by destroying the gleaming torch of the mindset of individual liberty, for which this flag was created, and what it symbolized to the world for a long time, and to me from childhood.


A different generation, to be sure, than the one we now see.


See, that is, IF we train our eyes on the stinking TV Screen or motion picture screen, or at the "Mall".  A trip to a California mall on a Friday or Saturday night would convince ANY rational being that this nation's youth was lost forever.


As indeed many of them will be.


But then one must glance at those few times we are able to see the young men and now, sadly and to our utter shame, women, who are boarding the Aircraft to head for another war created by political forces who do not give one red Damn for the flag, or for those whom they send into battle, one arm tied behind their backs, a LAWYER, for Heaven's sake, with each be sure not to make any waves of political incorrectness.


THE OBJECT OF WAR IS VICTORY.  Period, over and out.  If a government commits troops to battle, there can be NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ON THE BATTLEFIELD.  THAT is what gets people killed.  (While we are at it, get those so called news people out of there.) 


We see THOSE faces, and are reminded that pockets of civilization still remain in this nation, and youth still exist who are patriotic, disciplined, and not druggies.


Manipulated as to what patriotism REALLY means, to be sure, but also able to see the truth when it's presented.


To see the fresh faces, as was my fresh face at age seventeen, heading out to defend their country.......mind you, that is what THEY are thinking.....renews one's hope that, when they return....and  have had their eyes opened to the truth about just what has been done to their country FROM WITHIN, they will rise to the occasion to be flaming citizens of freedom- mind, and return home to tear down the ramparts of evil that have been carefully crafted over a hundred fifty year period to destroy the Constitution and what it stands for, and again raise the torch of individual liberty in the minds and hearts of those who must retake their own country.


Not Hill 432 in Korea, or some damned "area" in Vietnam, or some hunk of sand in Iraq, but will retake Washington DC and HOLD IT instead of "giving it back" as they will, to their utter amazement, wind up doing in this, the latest in the "planned" wars, which oddly take place no longer than twenty five years apart.


These PLANNED wars have taken the USA from the hope of the world, with a Gold backed currency which was the envy of the world, a stalwart CHRISTIAN nation of morality, a constitution that provided the mental and physical security that allowed free men and women to prosper in safety and who used that prosperity to give untold billions in aid to every nation in the world, unselfishly, only to be kicked in the face time after time by those same nations.


Taken us from THAT secure position, to the most debt-ridden nation in history, a piece of worthless paper for "money".


THE CREAM OF OUR MILITARY SENT (AGAIN, isn't it strange?  Clear across the globe...long supply lines....into a nation (AGAIN) that has NO idea of personal takes hundreds of years to instill that in people......and for what?  While our border is but a joke as MILLIONS of illegal aliens, assassins, saboteurs, etc have flooded our nation.






Our enemies, AND people like me, are well trained to know:


"Make a noise in the East, STRIKE in the West" I recall, that's from Mao Tse Tung.


Lotta noise in Iraq...........strike in the USA....and not just with bombs, but with "your" government installing a police state in the name of  "Homeland Defense".


Let's see: In the days when logic was taught:

Our enemies may (will) carry the war to the USA

Enemies kill us.

But we can kill them first, or even second.

We need guns to do that

THEY have guns...the latest

Your government takes YOUR guns away, one way or another.

Therefore:  Just WHO is the enemy?

It appears to be us, the citizens who OWN THIS NATION.


Or:  To survive bomb and other attacks, we need shelter for millions.

Russia has vast underground complete cities and factories, underground, and tens of thousands of shelters.


China has shelters for most of the city populations


THE UNITED STATES HAS NONE.  Unless you count the incredibly complex and expensive shelters for the "officials" in Washington and New York, etc.


How does that make you feel?  Like you are not "official"?


Dr. Arthur Robinson and Dr. Gary North wrote a little book twenty some years ago with a positive and inexpensive solution to this vital need, and while hundred's of thousands of those books went out...and to every official in Washington, NOTHING WAS DONE.


Why?  The money we have GIVEN TO OUR SWORN ENEMIES would build shelters , the likes of which the world has never seen.


That money would have paid for the re instituting of the Director of Civilian Marksmanship department again  (yes, we had that) and every able bodied man and woman in the United States would have been trained in the use of firearms and every citizen would have...SHOULD have ....been issued their weapons and ammo.


Many years ago, a former enemy general was quoted, when asked if they had considered invasion of the USA:


"Oh yes, many times, but the one thing that kept the exercise only academic was the knowledge that in America, there was a "rifle behind every tree, and someone who knew how to use it"


Ever been to Switzerland?  If you have, you have seen the citizens on yearly training carrying their automatic weapons all over, or a stack of them in hotels, etc.  Each family has a duty to perform in the event of invasion and has their arms and ammunition right at home or in their secret cave.


When new firearms are made standard, the old ones go to the citizens, or are offered to them.


That USED to be the case in the USA.  USED TO BE.


Why did that change?




By the way, when, in your lifetime, did you EVER hear the word "Homeland" to describe America?  Never, that's when.


But you have heard the Russian's speak of the "Motherland", or "Mother Russia" and have seen hundreds of movies where "Der Fatherland" meant Germany.


Do you think it's an accident that we are now using a term like "homeland"?  Well, it isn't , for those who created THOSE police states, and their trainees, are now in control of YOUR future.


"Your papers, NOW !!"  Get used to it.  Or fight, one or the other.


Governments NEED enemies, real OR contrived.


Keeps the citizens bogged down in false fears and keeps them easy to mind- manage by manipulating the "news".


No, may GOD bless and return to us, every one of those fresh faced cream of the nation's youth, to rise up in righteous anger and re take THIS nation and call it "Operation AMERICAN freedom".


I gave most of my life to accomplish this, and hopefully some of the effort produced a "liberty heart" in some who are younger, who can take the battle for the minds of the citizenry to the fever pitch that will be required to re- instill liberty in this once free and independent REPUBLIC.  ("...and to the Republic, for which it stands....")


End: Rant


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