Ed (Too Tall) Freeman


Last year we lost another hero who had managed to survive to the ripe old age of 80 years.  You may remember him as the Medal Of Honor recipient detained and searched at the Phoenix airport several years ago because he had on his person his medal, which was assumed to be a “suspicious” object worthy of much scrutiny by the ignorant airport security personnel there. 


You may also remember him because of the depiction of his character in the highly acclaimed film, starring Mel Gibson, “We were Soldiers Once . . . and Young.”  I did a review on the film some years ago and posted it here. 


You may have no idea who he was – a pity if this is the case.


The fact is that the medal was a long time coming to Capt. Freeman.  He didn’t receive it until 2001, after having earned it in 1965.


In this site’s continuing effort to educate and inform, I invite you to learn about such individuals as Capt. Freeman and will supply such links as these to facilitate the process of honoring as many heroes as I can.


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God Bless America and her endless list of heroes!



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