“Victory For The Federal Government”?

Whom Do They Serve?

Josh Duncan




According to the Constitutions of the United States of America the law-passing branch of government is the congress, not executive or judicial.  The federal circuit court of the district of Washington D. C. passed into law that the government of the United States of America, with a vote of 9-4 can lie, cheat, enslave, and steal from the citizens of the republic.  The following was reported by (CNN):
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A federal appeals court Tuesday 19, November ruled that the U.S. government does not owe free lifetime medical care to World War II and Korean War veterans who agreed to serve 20 years in exchange, despite promises made to them when they were in the armed forces.
The ruling represents a victory for the federal government, which had argued the veterans were not entitled to the benefits. The ruling will potentially save the government billions of dollars in health care costs.
The 9-4 ruling by the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C., overturns a ruling by a three-judge appeals panel in February 2001, which ruled that the veterans were entitled to the lifetime health care based on the military’s promise.

My Ruling!
The ruling, contrary to being a victory for the federal government is a blatant failure on the part of the law making body of said government.  Could it be possible that the members of both houses of congress can’t see that less than a dozen judges have usurped their prerogative and duties of their branch of the federal government?

I would like to leave all Americans with the following: We are at War.  The modern armed force must have professional citizens in its ranks at all times.  When the citizens with the necessary education to perform the intricate jobs of a modern military realize that the chance of their being enslaved, cheated, lied to, and fined by funding their own service-connected disabilities, by their own improperly acting government, they may choose a different course.  This could be even made worse when they see the branches of government are actually no longer separated.

According to the records of the Military Service of the United State of America, members of the armed forces were committed to WW2, and Korea for the duration.  This is declaring that men and women that are in the service of their country under contract for a length of time authorized by law cannot get out at the end of the contract.  They are now slaves, not indentured for a given period.  Citizens with certain qualifications, and no one to pay the ransom (rich or well placed officials) were for an unspecified length of time (duration) drafted (forced to serve).
Both those that entered the military service of their own will and, those drafted were lied to, by officials of the United States of America.  The citizens that became ineligible for release were told that if they fulfilled various amounts of service they would be compensated.  This compensation was to take the form of “free medical care for them, and their dependents” for life.  Another compensation was a “retirement for life” on completing twenty (20) years of active duty in the armed forces of the United States of America.  Many of “us” joined with no intention to become career service people.  With no designated end to use as a reference.  Some decided that adding the contracted time with the undetermined time would make them to old, or otherwise at a disadvantage in being meaningfully employed if the duration was lengthy.  The result was that the ones that were under contract originally would be fined if they did not agree to stay in after the original contract expired.  This fine was the reenlistment pay they would be eligible for had they reenlisted instead of being extended.  This is stealing from the citizens that decided not to make a career of the service.

Many decided to stay in so as to eliminate the actual slavery they were under.  None were yet aware of the lying, and stealing.  When a person stayed in the required time required to receive the pension, and health care promised by the United States of America, all seemed well.  The lying began.  First the citizens found that the medical care was only good if you were able to reach a Military Installation that had enough medical capability to include them in a treatment program.  This became less available as the years passed.  Next lie occurred when the retired Military person found that the long period of service affected their health, and welfare.  They were not instructed that if they had health problems to go to the Veterans Administration for help.  They went for years with no access to Military facilities that could help.  Quite by luck, some found out about the Veterans Administration helping with service connected health problems.  They were lied to by omission when they were given service-connected disabilities.  They were not told that dollar for dollar their retirement pension for which they fulfilled a contract with the United States of America would be reduced.  Another way of putting this is they were lied to by omission because they were not told they would fund their own retirement.  The congress says, “We do not support double dipping.”  The members of both houses of congress had enough members sign on to correcting this with a veto overriding number in the retiring session of 2002.  The power in the senate did not let it come to the floor for a vote.  The judges would have served the citizens much better by declaring it unconstitutional for a committee to make a recommendation, and not let the full body vote on every bill.  Now why should it really matter?  Try this on for size.  Had we been allowed to leave the service at the end of our contract, we could have finished our schooling, gotten a decent career that could have been worked for the 20 or more years of pseudo slavery?  With the duty to said career we showed in the service, our retirement would have been much more than our military retirement.  When service connected health problems showed their ugly selves, our civilian pension would not be affected.  Our Veterans Administration Disability would then be on the same level as the citizen that did get out of the service.  This includes the military personnel that never fell under, “for the duration.”

Members of the United States Military that fulfilled their contract have been cheated out of their respect for the separation of powers of government.  The health care for life that was not there at retirement time was began October 1, 2001.  This was done by the lawmaking branch of the United States Government.  The Supreme Court of the United States of America did not pronounce it unconstitutional.

Could it be possible that the United States Government speaks with three tongues
Teklis Sesemar
Self funded American Veteran


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