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Special thanks to Michael Rowand, my nephew, for sharing his friendís message.Deb V


Published 03/19/03

Letter From A Serviceman


As the countdown to a war with Iraq is now within 30 hours I watch the news like other Americans I suppose, waiting for what seems like the inevitable first strike.  I see news reporters on the streets getting the "vibe" of Americans, paying particular attention to those opposed to a war with Iraq.  I hear Americans bad mouthing the President and our Government in its decision to eradicate a man whom is a threat to the entire planet.  I don't need to go into the lengthy United Nations process that was all to no avail; we all know about that.  I hear and see Americans complaining about our sinking economy and what war will do to that.  I hear so much ignorance. 

As I listen to those people I become so angry.  I know that they are exercising their First Amendment rights to say what they feel. I can appreciate that.  What these people don't realize is that our young men and women in harmís way can see the news.  They are listening to everything we at home say and are watching everything we do.  They see these "Americans" opposing their presence in Iraq and bad mouthing our Government.  When I bring attention to this behavior up with those people that I know oppose a war, I always hear "Oh, I support our troops, I just don't agree with the war."  What these "Americans" don't realize is our listening troops can begin to question their objective by this dialogue from "home."  If they start to question their objective and believe that America is against this war then morale starts to drop.  If morale drops, our troops become distracted and loose their edge.  Morale is like a wildfire; if it is high the objective is clear and everyone does their job to the best of their ability.  If low, the objective become clouded and people and begin to wonder why they are there. This will get them and others around them killed!
It doesn't matter how large your military force is, if morale is low they will lose.

It doesn't matter if you voted for the current President or not, he is the leader of our country, voted the best man for the job. 

If you disagree with our United States and its decision to rid the world of this dangerous man and his Government, that's fine with me.  Just shut your mouth about it!  Our troops are listing.  Support them.

D. Scott Breinig
Desert Storm Veteran.
Semper Fi
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