Portrait Of A Hero


Michael Monsoor, USN



One of the more recent Medal Of Honor ceremonies took place last April, (2008) at the White House as President George W. Bush presented the award posthumously to the young manís parents.


It got some press, but not nearly enough in my opinion.†† Certainly not as much MSM time as negative stories, (true and false) which the media love to accentuate.This young man had everything to live for and he proved that he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that others could live.


One heroís spirit inspires one hundred fold the number of dispirited patriots so easily intimidated by the negative message of America as a heartless nation.


Please click on this link for the full story, complete with video, about Medal Of Honor recipient, Michael Monsoor and the homage paid to him by his brothers in arms.


Thanks to Lewie for bringing this to my attention.DebV



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