Catching the Wave Or Wiping Out?

Deborah Venable



Excuse me for horning in on the Big Kahuna’s territory here with all the surfing language, but it is summer, it is hot, and I don’t have a beach handy, so you can consider this my way to cool off.  That is what I need to do after perusing the joyous reaction from so many stupid people over the Supreme Court decisions concerning gay “marriage.”  The media response was palpable with photos ad nauseam of tearfully delighted homosexuals embracing and slapping high fives.  Five will get you ten that the greatest number of these people don’t even know what they have gained … or lost with these decisions.  Hence the title of this little piece – have they caught a wave of victory or are they merely happy with wiping out a critical support of American heritage?


At this point in time, let’s backtrack a little – oh, say almost 400 years, shall we?  So much of the true history of this country has not been taught and is now in the process of being hastily buried by progressives with a purely political power agenda, that most Americans, no matter how “highly educated” they are, remain virtually ignorant of truth and history. 


Case in point is the truth behind the history of slavery in America.  People assume that the “evil white men” who founded America’s unique system of government were aristocratic, slave owning reprobates without the kind of high morals that today’s “enlightened” culture should respect any more.  That means throw out their religious beliefs and all the trappings and glom onto the idea that collective fairness should be the guiding force to transform America into what she should have been from the beginning. 


Here comes the wave.  The first official slave owner in America was a black man, and that happened long before our founders were even born!


“African-Americans” in modern America do not seek out the truth of their ancestral roots because it is easier for them to wallow in the false mire of injustice and cling to their mantle of victim.  They had rather hold up their slave ancestors as brutalized victims, who earned them the right to hate all white people, than see that many of those ancestors were probably the enslavers, both in Africa and the New World.  Racism is alive and well and it is easy to see why.  Ignorance is its caretaker.


Enter the latest set of indignant victims of homophobic America.  How dare we question the normalcy of their behavior or the (gasp) moral right or wrong in it!  Morality should have no place in political policy after all – uh, wait a minute!  What do all you “ex-slaves” think about that?  The whole racial fight has been all about morality, hasn’t it??  But now we are just supposed to throw morality overboard to embrace homosexuals? 


Wait a minute – here comes the wave!  We “homophobes” don’t care what you guys do in the privacy of your own personal lives!  It isn’t important to most of us AT ALL!  That is one of those things, like going potty when you need to, that is PRIVATE!  The fact that homosexuals don’t want to keep it private is the wave that is wiping us all out! 


Just between you and me, come closer so I don’t have to shout because I am an old woman – y’all’s idea of normal sex is NOT NORMAL!  Okay so I shouted.  And, hey, we don’t live in “enlightened” times – sex perversion has been going on throughout ALL of human history – much the same as slavery.  It’s just that now most of us moral folks realize that BOTH ARE WRONG! 


We have entered the Twilight Zone and the waves just keep on coming.


Once again, I looked back into my archives and found an article that predates this site.  Keeping in mind when it was written, one can easily see that some things have only gotten drastically worse and others have stayed pretty much the same.



A Philosophy Of Morality

Deborah Venable



Any political philosophy that does not serve as a lighthouse to warn of the dangers that lie in the shallow waters of political corruption will never cure the ills of America’s political leadership.  It would seem that too many of our so-called political leaders lack any philosophy at all, other than whatever they think they need to do to get re-elected.  It is often said that America’s two party political system has been degraded to an almost indistinguishable one party system.  Differences exist mostly in the minds of those who would seek to use affiliations for personal gain, certainly not in any adherence to a platform built on principles.  Any workable philosophy toward the Constitutional Republic America was meant to be must encourage its followers to make moral judgments that fly in the face of accepting the status quo of most politicians today.      


The key to America’s ability to return to a state of political stability is dependent on her citizens being willing to accept the responsibility of judging good from bad, just from unjust, and right from wrong.  America’s founders were grounded in morality.  Not only did they define unalienable rights, they also recognized unalienable duties.  All of these have to do with preservation of common decency and a commitment to preserve justice.  Moral judgment stood at the helm of the Good Ship America as it set out on the uncharted waters of freedom, the likes of which has never been equaled.  Somewhere along the way, we have gotten off that moral course politically.  For that reason, the ship is being tossed about and is in real danger of sinking or breaking apart.  All for the want of commitment to judging right from wrong – that is why this great ship is in peril today.  


Socialism has so advanced in today’s society that moral judgment is not allowed any more.  The irrational judgment of inconvenience and irritation has taken its place.  If a large enough body of citizens feels irritated or inconvenienced, they will successfully put forth a demand for judgment against the abuses of their sensitivities.  We now have a labyrinth of stifling laws based not on morality, but other petty grievances.  How can there be justice in such a system?  Our politicians continue to supply the demand for an inequitable “equality” while ignoring morality and the edicts of limited government.  Political correctness bends over backwards to condone immoral behavior, while limiting individual freedoms.  In other words, society would accept my choice to abort an unwanted child and become an outspoken advocate for homosexual “rights,” but I would be deemed irresponsible to drive without a seatbelt or smoke a cigarette in a public, (what does that mean anyway?) building.  In fact, I would be breaking the law to do these things.  It’s okay to teach school children tolerance for the homosexual lifestyle and acceptance for abortion, but they must also be taught that guns are bad, pre-marital sex is okay, and prayers are not allowed in school.  With the vast majority of our educators, especially those on college campuses, holding a socialist philosophy, how do we expect these things to change?  There is no morality in socialism – only a demand for conformity. 


There is no true religious freedom in a government that has taken the reins away from the people.  This has been illustrated many times over in recent history.  Any religious group in America today that thinks it is “protected” is sorely mistaken.  Those who would attack the foundations of this country and expect to preserve any semblance of the right to worship as he sees fit does not truly understand what made America work in the first place.  It was not founded on the concept of freedom from religion, as many would have us believe, but rather freedom from fear of persecution because of religion.  As the Judeo Christian values used to found this country are continually attacked and deemed unnecessary, we can fully expect that eventually the words “freedom” and “religion” will not be uttered in the same sentence nor even tolerated within this non-distinct culture we are becoming.  If one doesn’t see that, one knows little of the nature of man and government. 


Our Founders realized that it was important for hard work and strong moral character to reap rewards.  In a system that punishes hard work and success, by taking more from such individuals to distribute to the economically and morally poor we find less freedom for all – not even more for some.  The elites above it all are few in number and cannot safely man the Ship Of State in rough waters.  America was never meant to be a status quo nation of poor, weak moral character – it was designed to be a shining example of just the opposite.    


Finally, the Founders understood that the preservation of our liberty would depend on the virtue of our leaders.  They never intended for people in the public service of government to demand high payment for their labors.  In the beginning of this country, it was the leaders who led by example, some even refusing compensation for their service, who inspired and modeled the American Spirit.  They loved the land of freedom they had founded and knew the only thing that would preserve it was a moral society and virtuous leaders.  How do current politicians with their expectations of large expense accounts and even larger hordes of power compare?  Is morality and virtue their mainstay? 


Recent events that have threatened our security have opened up a whole new debate on morality as it applies to our basic laws and freedoms.  The need for clarity of judgment has never been greater, the challenge of facing our unalienable duties never more important.  We must set the example that we wish our representatives to follow.  They must know that we expect them to represent America’s citizens as a society that can recognize moral good and reward it as surely as it punishes inexcusable bad.  America is not a Democracy – it is a Constitutional Representative Republic.  The people who must ultimately prescribe the course for their representatives to follow retain the power of direction the country will take, but we must be willing to model the character we want represented.  Too few are willing to make the hard moral judgments while defending individual sovereignty.  It is a difficult philosophy to maintain and has lost its way in both major political parties. 


Our current president enjoys a popularity that leaves many scratching their heads.  Perhaps it is easier to understand if we compare the man himself to his predecessor.  Undoubtedly George W. Bush is more the embodiment of accepted morality than was Bill Clinton.  Even his enemies would be hard pressed to argue that point, though they continually look for moral corruption.  His greatest sin may actually be one of excess in moderation.  In an attempt to “bring the country together” the Bush philosophy is soft on judgment in some key areas.  Those areas may prove to be the foundations that need moral fortitude instead of temperate acceptance.  Perhaps this leader and others like him are simply mirroring the people they represent after all.


The one thing that we must not lose sight of is that years of immorality have resulted in a society that has given over too much power and demanded only too much conformity and acceptance of their “sensibilities.”  The model of the America that worked exists only in our true history.  Socialism has re-written even that.  If the philosophy of morality cannot be re-instituted and our own culture re-discovered, America may never work again.  The ship is in very rough waters and most on board have probably even forgotten how to swim.



Who can look at today’s America, almost 12 years after that article was published, and say that morality has not been in a steady decline since?  To all who think they can make their own moral rules on right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust behavior, I would just like to say, watch out for that wave!  You never know when the rules will change and you will be the one in wipe out mode. 



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