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I only know that being short sighted is not the way to lead.  I don't HATE GWB I just don't think he is listening to his advisors or the people...he seems to be focused very narrowly on bombing Iraq and that is all...He is determined to become the super-hero that saved the earth.  This is not the most intellectual thinking plan for future development of our world community. 


China is the more scary place to think about.  Iraq, the country, can be wiped off the face of the earth fairly easily...Saddam certainly won't be there...he'll be safely tucked away in some other country watching the destruction of his country on CNN...just like GWB won't be on the battle field with the guys. 


The American intellect is being challenged every day by stupid reality shows and Homer Simpson programming...we are being treated like idiots and given "news" in comic book form and we are mostly sitting back on our fat butts and taking it all in as gospel.  That article on the Kahuna’s page about how it use to be is so good because back then we did what we thought was good, not what the media told us was good or bad.  I can almost remember when the media became the monster...at first people found it crazy to read that cranberries, for example, could cause cancer...as you read further you saw it was if you ate a truckload of them daily...and then little by little the scary items would appear and the news became a bunch of horror stories and people actually were so afraid that they were glad that the government was there to protect them from the boogie men...more police on every corner and street, and we allowed more and more invasion of our personal lives with pleasure because they were doing it for our own good...you know, because they were looking for terrorists...IN MY BANK ACCOUNT?  IN MY COMPUTER?  The ads on tv for people to have their debts consolidated by counseling companies were in fact government agencies with "cute" names that now have all your information in their computers, not that they didn't anyway. 


If Americans are miles apart on ideas and issues I think it's because some of us aren't lulled into believing everything on tv or in the papers and are trying to think for ourselves like our parents did years ago.  So many of the younger people I know don't get their news anywhere except on tv and mainly on MTV or Saturday Night Live!  I just have a thing about being spoon-fed crap and being told it is NEWS.  



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