The Dying Man


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About the Book:


"The Dying Man is a Socratic dialog between an elderly dying man and a Catholic priest who has been summoned to perform the final rites known as Extreme Unction. The dying man is prepared for death, however, he wants to enjoy one last discussion relative to questions of existence, and his life-long search for Truth. The dying man believes that God's plan fell into man's hands and was bent, spindled, and mutilated. As he lies dying he finds the priest an unwilling opponent. The priest is a young man of sincere belief and strong faith. He wants to hear the dying man's last confession, and give him Extreme Unction. He has no patience for philosophical questions. Little does he know that he is about to experience a mental journey that will lead him into uncharted territory. It is an experience that will change his approach to God and truth forever."


About the Author: 


A creative mind with a passion for the truth, Mr. Veritas comes alive in his columns of truth, and now he weaves that truth into fictional characters exploring the very character of human nature.


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