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Who Will Weed The Garden?

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My heard weeps for our children, our teens, and our young adults.We are leaving them a garden full of crab grass.  They have never known the world of America's older citizens; therefore, they have little or nothing with which to compare their present world. Their parents have substituted in many ways the truth with lies. We had a great nation passed on to us.With the help of the One who guided our founders and made America a great nation. We have become a soft, hedonistic society consumed with a cupidity that seems to know no bounds.We have lost sight of what it takes to guard what was freely passed on to us.


We have failed to tend our garden.Now, the weeds of creeping liberal socialism are overrunning our beloved nation. This weed is destroying that which we hold most dear - the young fruit-bearing plants.These young plants, "our children," are in jeopardy because of an educational system that seems unable or unwilling to train them to cope with this worthless garden by training them how to clean up and make it useful again. Why have we as parents allowed them to attend schools that are without truth or discipline, and no mention of the so called values that made this country great?Why are so many homes lacking in moral absolutes? What has happened to the godly example of parents and grandparents?


What we as a society have done is provide our kids with all the evils that are available without much if any guidance or supervision.Think of how many homes has the TV for a baby sitter.All we hear today is letís do it for the children.Great rhetoric!Well letís stop dumbing them down!Maybe we can save and make productive citizens of some of those who are on a self-destruct course.It might be a step in the right direction to bring GOD back into their lives and ours.

This was brought on today by my observing a group of parents and their kids at a little league game.It got me to thinking and thatís always a step in the right direction.


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