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Josh Duncan



Greetings Nice people,
       I just sent the following to

Commander in Chief, President of the United States Of North America,
       Salute!  I in no way consider this letter advice.  You and your advisors are doing the right things.  I would like to call this my feelings.  They come from an abnormal trip through the world, with a varied life from WW2 Through Korea (combat), Cuba (reports for JFK), three trips to Vietnam, and loss of Military retirement due to service life.  Enough back ground.
       I feel that Queers (I am happy and gay) have always had rights.  I have same sex friends that have lived together for forty years.  I do not agree with their being considered married.  The laws are interpreted by lawyers who add Latin or the words to deflect the meanings of written laws.  Lawyers, as judges, make laws that are the responsibility of legislatures.  My suggestion is that for two people to be Married they should be able to procreate.  They should be understood by medical fact they are capable to procreate so that they can provide humans to grow up, work, and pay taxes to enable society to survive.  A man and woman may be married even should they decide to have no children, for often this is not left in their hands.  I, with you am against abortions.
       I feel that all religious, and services to the needy should pay taxes on all monies not used for helping.  The churches at times are running housing projects, and many other income making functions.  Therefore their salaries, property not dedicated free should all be taxed by the appropriate governing body.  Property by the city, county, state, or others now with that responsibility.  Income by State or Federal revenue offices.  Everyone including charities should get their taxes cut down to that needed to perform the function of the appropriate government body.  The decision should be made in conformance to the various Constitutions as they are written, by the legislators of the responsible body.  This would mean that no taxes would be collected for use in a legislative such as the federal congress to build any state required structures.  The armed forces, and law enforcement to protect its citizens of federal, and state governments should be the first requirement, with amply taxes to support the personnel that are hurt in service other than their own doing.
       The death penalty should be swift when a person has shown they can purposely kill a citizen regardless of their mental or physical problems.  For it seems that should they be paroled, or escape from confinement some innocent citizen without access to judge, or jury is killed.  Sentences of the second killing should make the Judge an accessory to the second killing.  I know that there have been wrong convictions, but only minute percentages to those killed by criminals who have shown through mental instability or what they consider not improper, because of many excuses.
       Religions I am familiar with around the world, and many ethnic groups require a given amount of your wealth, small or large to be given to the poor, homeless, and orphaned. Therefore all religions have at the top of the system multimillions that is not used.  To mention only one due to lack of writing ability, I will single out the Roman Catholic Church, even though it applies to the many other off shoots.  A parish must pay a prescribed fee to the system above it.  Each in its turn has fees upward.  The top "Vatican" is rich beyond imagination.  If a small Parish anywhere on earth is poor, there is nothing coming down for assistance, even to the point of the Parish dying.  Taxes on religions that are not proved to be in assistance to the poor should be highly taxed by the area in which the Parish operates.
       I don't own a firearm.  I have been exceptionally well trained in the use of most small arms from around the world.  The training has come from hunting for food in the 30's. United States Marine Corps for 9 years, United States Army for 5 years.  My service as a Merchant seaman in WW2, and United States Air Force 6 years did not include small arms training.  This being said I feel all law abiding citizens who feel the need, should be able to own, and carry firearms without restriction until they break a law.  I will not have a firearm in my house only because my wife of 45 years will not take lessons in their use, nor assure me that if she points a weapon she will pull the trigger with no words being spoken.
       Your spoken feelings on Education, Security, Iraq, Foreign trade, Health, Jobs, and especially environment I fully agree with.  This global warming in Massachusetts has caused a lot of heating bills this winter.

Joshua M. Duncan



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