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The Rush Limbaugh Phenomenon

Deborah Venable



I probably would not be writing this article if not for a short exchange I recently had with an acquaintance.  I was doing what I always do at that time of day on a weekday – listening to Rush on my earphones from my computer.  She interrupted me by speaking to me a couple of times, even though she wasn’t in the house to see me but rather to attend to my disabled friend.  This acquaintance is merely the home health care nurse.  After the second or third interruption, she asked me if I was listening to music or something else that had my attention so completely.  I answered that I was listening to Rush Limbaugh.


As most pseudo intellectuals will tend to do these days, upon the mention of his name, she immediately laughed and proceeded to say something to the effect that he could tell a good joke every now and then, but she was by no means a fan.  He is just too much of a know it all and has no credibility.  She cited his “addiction problems with Oxycodone” as evidence.  She said he really had to change his tune on THAT one. 


I didn’t bother to reply and merely readjusted my headphones before I missed anything else the “know it all” had to say. 


This nurse is a very nice lady.  She comes in and takes care of my friend’s medical needs when she is supposed to, and leaves when she is done, so I have nothing against her.  I have no idea what her political leanings are and have no desire to get into a long discussion with her on any subject.  She is friendly, does her job, and leaves. 


It was only after this incident that I began to think about all the other folks I have heard and seen comment on Rush – both positively and negatively.  Snap judgments are more often based on what someone else says about a person than on what that person says or does.  That is just the way it is in today’s America.  Realistic and correct judgment requires knowing the person.  In Rush’s case, I feel I do know him even though we have never met.


For instance, does the aforementioned nurse or anyone who comments on Rush’s “addiction problems with Oxycodone” know how that all came about and how he handled it?  I can understand a medical professional’s interest in this aspect of his life, but most of what was said about his addiction was negative and conferred the label of hypocrite on Rush for his previous statements about how he felt about drug addiction.  That is the price of fame and success.  His addiction came about from years of dealing with pain while remaining in the limelight.  After a botched surgery to fix the pain problems, they only got worse – thus he was hooked on pain relievers.  That isn’t exactly the same as taking the drugs for the high. 


I will interject here that I have always agreed with Rush’s original damnation of drug addiction.  One needs only to read much of what I have written on the subject to get that.  I never condone it, and I don’t condone Rush’s addiction.  It has been speculated by others that it may have even caused his sudden loss of hearing.  If that’s the case, I do think he has paid his price to society, eh?  He publicly proclaimed his addiction and did what he had to do to overcome it.  So that is ancient history, and I doubt that his “tune” has changed a bit on drug addiction.


As to the character of the man, Rush is a conservative first and foremost – not a political hack.  What comes out of his mouth are his true values, and this becomes evident the longer you listen to what he says.  His personal relationship failures always make a great target for his detractors, but it never seems to shake his core beliefs.  Obviously he thought long and hard before taking the plunge with Katherine, so I wish them only the best for a long and successful marriage.  Judgment of his public character must be based on his successes as well as his failures, but it seldom is.  He is attacked as being a “hypocrite” for singing the praises of committed, traditional marriage even as he privately suffers the effects of multiple marriage failures.  Where is the hypocrisy?  One would have to know all the facts in the failures to make that assumption, and he doesn’t air his dirty laundry.


The truth is that if there had never been a Rush Limbaugh, there probably would have never been as great an awakening to the massacre of family values, conservative principles, and dangerous political philosophies that have brought this country to the brink of ruin.  The frog was already in the pot when Rush came along, but he has been prodding it to jump out and trying to cool the pot ever since.  While doing all this, he managed to open the door for others to follow and cheerfully led the way.


Rush never pretends to be something he is not even though those who seem to hate him are appalled at some of his seemingly conceited claims (America’s Real Anchorman, Leader of the Republican Party, etc.) the REAL Rush is actually the Harmless, Loveable Fuzzball.  The real Rush is also, more often than not, right.



Educating the Left From the Right

Deborah Venable



This one may be up here on the front page for quite a while folks.  Let’s start it out like this: education informs while indoctrination ignores – therefore, those receiving an education are more informed and those receiving indoctrination are more ignorant.  Once upon a time in America we could count on a large percentage of the press and media, and even entertainment personalities, to inform toward an outcome of education.  Sadly, this just isn’t true any more.  Now, a much larger percentage of the visible and vocal press and media are far more concerned with progressing toward an outcome of indoctrination.


Indoctrination ignores common sense, morality, fact, and reason.  It ignores history, culture, successful policy, and truth.  Education must employ all these in order to reach the desired outcome of information, while indoctrination, by ignoring them all, promotes ignorance. 


Okay, I think that sets it all up pretty well for what follows.  Over the past couple of months, the press, media, and certain entertainment personalities have directed the American public to believe that the right to free sex, (both free from moral responsibility and financial cost) was written into the Constitution, and that pregnancy is the number one detriment to women’s health.  Do I need to elaborate further on this point, or does anyone have any facts to claim otherwise?  Silence?  Okay, good.


The indoctrinated are on a mission to convince women and their male counterparts in the sport of sex for recreation that only the liberal left cares about women and that awful cross they bear of having to bear children.  Christian right conservatives are intent on endangering women at every turn with every child they can possibly stuff into each female womb in the country!  So, in their narrative, it only stands to reason that Christians have no right to their own consciences, or their own indignation at having to pay for anything it takes to keep women from getting pregnant or carrying babies to term.  The left has determined that the practice of procreation from a loving, pre-determined family decision is irrational in the face of all that free recreational sex to be had on demand with no responsible thought processes involved.


Still following me?


In reality, conservatives do not care to be involved in individual choices involving recreational sex beyond imploring the general public to make a little room in the indoctrination procedures to include education on moral conscience.  That requires that those with a firm grasp on conservative beliefs inform the general public that the path one takes to pursue the “women as baby factory victims” point of view may cause some of us to see them in, shall we say, an unflattering light.  So when a woman chooses to deliberately put herself into the limelight of public scrutiny by “testifying” to the “hardship” of affording her birth control, because the mean old college stuffed shirts refused to help her pay for it, and a well known conservative proceeds to “inform” his listening audience that such a stand could well be equated and thus named for what this once was considered common terminology for such a person, the indoctrinated ignorant go off on him!  This represents their definition of moral conscience?  Really?  Hmmmm.


(Please tell me that my readers are well enough informed that they do not need reference links for the situation described above.)


History teaches us, if we’ll let it, that his terminology for a woman who wishes to partake in free recreational sex was extremely accurate – even if she had not been so blatant about it and if she had chosen to conceal her motives.  The truth is that she and her defenders, (including the president) want nothing more than to rewrite history, language, morality, and substitute their own moral code to cover their progressive stance.  To do that, they must discredit and silence anyone opposing them. 


Moving on to the bigger picture, as a woman, I am appalled and insulted by the attempt to make pregnancy an illness that must be prevented or terminated, instead of the high honor that it once was considered back when the family was the building block of society.  Women are supposed to be the defenders of virtue, not the leaders of the sexual perversion movement that they have become.  They are supposed to be the ones that “just say no” to recreational sex.  They are supposed to encourage the men around them to seek a higher plane of existence than that which invites them to pick the spoiled fruit that has fallen from the tree instead of reaching for the unblemished sweetness of that in the higher boughs.  Why have these ideas become outdated?


There seems to be no respect between the genders any more.  Is it any wonder why gender roles have been reversed, convoluted, and ill defined?  Indoctrination has succeeded at a breathtaking speed over the course of just the last few decades, therefore, there is more ignorance in America today than any time since I have been alive!  That is breathtaking, folks!  Education is supposed to shore up the human emotion of shame, but we see that indoctrination has all but removed any cause for shame!


I believe it started in the so-called (and now ill-named) education system in an attempt to indoctrinate future generations away from religious morality and toward an “enlightened” humanism.  The social engineers of this devious plan didn’t count on the absolute resiliency of the American spirit and the creation of such fabulous research tools provided by the Internet.  Total ruin may have already been a done deal if not for those two things.  I don’t say this lightly because there would have still been plenty of folks well versed in the old research methods of libraries to give it a good fight, but remember – ignorance is in great quantity after so many years of indoctrination abuse – reading for a lot of folks is a lost art.  But with “fingertip research” tools available, even those who may have been too lazy otherwise have been joining the ranks of the informed self-educated in spite of their previous indoctrination to ignorance.   


Then, there’s the American spirit.  Indoctrination can never overcome that if is ever present to begin with.  Spirit.  Get it?  That’s an individual thing that was woven into the fabric of our original heritage because our founders were spiritual people.  Indoctrination can’t destroy this.  All it can do is show its own ignorance in the face of those well informed who will fearlessly defend their American spirit of freedom and consciences of morality. 


To sum it all up, there is not a “war on women” going on in America today that is promoted by the conservative right, no matter how many on the indoctrinated left would proclaim the absurdity.  The real war is against ignorance.     



Revisiting the Ministry Of Plenty

Deborah Venable



“Rightside politics” is swirling around these days like the water in a flushing toilet that is stopped up.  None of the poop will go down until the clog is removed, but a lot of it will float around on top stinking up the place anyway.  Adding another flush of rightside politics may only succeed in spilling the whole mess over the side onto the floor!


Okay, too graphic?  For the front page of an educational website – I don’t think so!


Where’s a Roto-Rooter™ man when you need one, huh? 


I have to laugh out loud when I read and listen to some of the pundits discuss rightside politics as it applies to next year’s election.  While I love some of them to death, and agree with much of what they have to say, most of them are just filling up space at this point – and some of them haven’t a clue!


Number one:  While everyone has their eyes on that distant target that is over a year away, too many are ignoring the foreground and refusing to look behind them to see if history is sneaking up to kick ‘em in the butt before they can pull off an accurate shot.  The foreground is busy.  There’s a lot going on there that may need to be addressed long before the target can be accurately assessed. 


Number two:  Identifying the foreground is easy – that is simply the present government that rightside politics knows needs a big overhaul.  That is why the target is important – we may only get one shot at this and it better be accurate.


Number three:  History is a great teacher if you let it be.  All the rewriting in the world won’t change the facts of what has happened in the past, and you can still find the truth if you look for it.


The bigger the government, the more scandalous it is going to be – that’s just the honest truth.  If you don’t know that by now, I can’t help you.  So, rightside politics tries to point this fact out by suggesting a smaller government.  The in-your-face foreground of present (big) government only wants more and bigger government and will do anything in its power and its scandalous heart to achieve it.  It has clogged the toilet and the flushes aren’t doing any good.  Now the whole place is stinking to the high heavens.  The cleanup crew will have their hands full for years to come, but the first step is to remove the clog!


Can you name the clog yet?


Now may be a good time for a little reading.  Right after the last election I wrote The Ministry Of Plenty, so please take time for it now. 


Okay, good, you looked behind you for a little history.  See, that isn’t so hard.  Forget about the target for a minute now and look at the foreground (clog) of socialism, communism, Marxism, progressivism, liberalism – call it whatever you want, it all leads to the same thing.  Who is out there with the best plan to clean up that foreground?  I don’t know either.  It is much too early and too much can happen to get in the way and blur the target again.  One thing is for sure though, when the clog is finally gone, the flushes will have to be clean and the cleanup of the mess will take awhile.


Any member of the press, media, or punditry that tries to act like The Ministry Of Truth is not your friend.  Uh Oh, I just slipped in another follow up history lesson. 


I realize much of what I have to say isn’t very popular, but I can assure you that I am considered what is called in some circles a very good shot, and I also know how to clean a toilet.  I’m sure that I’m not the only one. 



Why We Still Fight

Deborah Venable



As I look around and see the cesspool that the world is becoming, at my age, it would be easy to say, “at least I won’t have to see how it ends.”  Being from another era does that I guess.  I suppose there were folks around during the time I was a child and coming of age that probably said the same thing. 


An awful lot of them must have!


I heard an interesting stat the other day about the aging population of America – something about the fact that we are about to outnumber the youth for the first time in history.  Wow!  Surely no one is surprised are they?  Back in the day, the most important building block of any society was revered, protected, encouraged, and valued.  The family was recognized as the most important component in successful civilization of human beings.  But for the last few decades it has been maligned, degraded, attacked, and rendered useless by far too many progressive minds.  Man!  So that’s what progress is all about, huh?


Okay, y’all have fun in that new utopia you are building!  At least I won’t have to be around to see much more of it! 


But I won’t go out without a fight.  I have five children and two grandchildren so far, not to mention many other young folks I consider adopted children, and they DO have to be around to see it!  Just because the majority of my generation and even the previous one screwed things up so badly that the world is a cesspool and this country doesn’t even know its heritage any more, that doesn’t mean it cannot be set right again.


The world I grew up in, bad as it was, did not compare to the overwhelming evil I see now.  That is just a fact.  At least, the world I was privileged to be a part of.  But a lot of the precursor to today had already started before I was born.  It just wasn’t in the majority as it is now. 


Where so much evil is present, God has been lost or forgotten – or worse still, sent away!  Before you start thinking I am some sort of raving, radical theocrat, let me reiterate a fact.  I have never been, nor am I now a member of organized religion.  Haven’t been to church, except for funerals or weddings, since I was quite young.  Never been to a revival, nor do I watch the evangelical TV channels.  My children were never christened, baptized or “saved” unless they made the individual choice to do so.  I have been told I am “going to Hell” by “holier than thou” types all my life.  In other words, I cannot be pigeonholed by anyone, religious or not, as to where I fit in religious or non-religious society – but I can recognize good from evil.


God has shown Himself to me in many ways through both answered and unanswered prayers.  I have daily communications with Him, mostly to thank Him for all my blessings.  I don’t have to wonder what is right or what is wrong because I have the God-given wisdom to know the difference.  I bridle at the idea of “fearing” God, because love and fear do not go well together.  How can we truly love something we fear?


I fear hate.  The kind of hate that makes people treat others badly, or wish to see others suffer – that’s what I really fear.  The assumed power that some humans will try to wield over others – that is what I hate and fear.  Evil is the enemy that makes people do these things, and it must be fought.  Those who think they have power because they have money or position would wither in the presence of the God I love.  They should fear Him.


I have nothing against people with whom I disagree philosophically, religiously, or politically – as long as they are content to just disagree and debate their points of view honestly.  Dishonesty is something I abhor though.  Lying and cheating to get a point across, forcing adherence to behaviors and actions that are illogical, demanding power for a group over individual rights, and denying existing facts through ridicule of simple logic and history may be laid at the doorstep of either ignorance or evil.  Ignorance may be temporarily excused if learning is attempted, but evil excludes the ability to learn.  It is dishonest to deny the existence of evil, for good would not exist without it.


So we must continue to fight against evil.  In most prominent dictionary definitions of the word, the main descriptor is “immoral.”  In today’s world of moral relativity, that one can be hard to define, but in the deepest reaches of the human soul, true morality is either present or it isn’t.  


Here are couple of blasts from the past.


Where Evil Starts


Ode to Spirit





Teaching To a Collectivist Mindset

Deborah Venable

April 11, 2011


About five years ago I wrote The Brainwashing Of a Doomed Society, which was a kind of “shotgun” piece that included a lot of the hoopla that was going on at the time concerning Donald Rumsfeld.  All that aside, it turned out to be one of the most popular articles I had written exclusively for this site.  As I reread it to consider it for posting here on the Right Side, I realized that the truth contained therein was very valuable and quite applicable to today.  I would hope you would take the time to revisit it by clicking on the link.


As I have said before, an editor told me some time ago that I am guilty of “shotgun” writing, (which he didn’t especially like) because of a lack of focus.  Well, so-be-it.  Focus is pretty difficult in today’s environment if you ask me. 


I write when I am inspired to write – which is just about every day.  Much of what I write never sees publication, but as I look back on what has actually been published over just the last decade I am constantly taking stock.  Inspiration is the writer’s life’s blood after all.  Writing for me was put on hold for most of my life, even though I knew very early that’s where I really wanted to excel.  Now, it has become almost too easy to excel in a craft that I have admired all my life.


When I went to school, children were taught to write at an early grade school level.  By that, I mean that by grade 3, I was expected to research and write “papers” in fountain pen script.  No mistakes allowed, by the way.  (That meant that my parents almost went broke keeping me in paper and ink.)  By the time I got to junior high school, (as it was called then) I received my first typewriter.  Most of the assignments were still accepted as either pen and ink or typewritten.  Sloppy typewritten didn’t count because whiteout was still messy.  I remember how excited I was when they came up with the correction tape for typewriters.  Now that was real innovation!  No more messy errors!


I didn’t start college until many years later, after I was a wife and mother for over a decade, but the typewriter was still the tool of the trade.  By the time I dropped out of college a couple of years later, to have my third child, the personal computer in my home was still several years away.  (To say that I still have files of typewritten pages in old-fashioned file drawers is an understatement.)  


With the revolutionary advance of word processing, writing was no longer a chore in any sense.  No excuse exists for not writing, with the same being true for reading and research.  What hasn’t kept pace is literacy – especially in America.  I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but the only reason for that, that makes any sense whatsoever, is the decline of quality in education.  More and more folks are graduating with college degrees these days, who couldn’t have made it out of junior high school a few decades ago!  All the while, the expense of getting that degree has surpassed that of just about anything else you can think of.


I know this reason is a hard sell for much of the public because they are, after all, products of this diminished and inadequate educational system.  The recent proclamation by our president that there is too much testing going on out there (making education too boring) is an example of diminished ability to think clearly.  You’ll have to read the article to get my full drift here, because some things he had to say actually do have merit.  (Hey, we’re fair and balanced around here too.)  The problem of more and more teachers choosing to “teach to the test” instead of truly educating is very real, but the test is still the only true measurement of what a student knows.  Standardized tests are only useful in comparing education across the many zones, and are probably the least accurate and valuable in the whole teaching process.  What Mr. Obama either doesn’t realize or wishes to bury is that standardized tests are only necessary because of a national and/or statewide educational system.  If education were handled on strictly a local level, tests would reveal the value deemed important by each locality.  Period.


Teachers and their unions have been in the news a lot lately.  It is no secret that the president has always supported unions, and it is really no secret that he also leans way left toward collectivism in all things governmental and political.  Individualism is the natural enemy of collectivism and vice versa.  Until this country realizes that the best educated society is that which educates from an individualist philosophy our educational system will remain broken, inadequate and dangerous.  Yes, I said dangerous.  Collectivism fogs the brain and destroys innovation, liberty and human achievement.  Teachers who insist on wrapping their careers in collectivist theory are not teachers – they are indoctrinators – brainwashers if you will.


Most people who have been brainwashed or indoctrinated do not even recognize the effects, but they are there none-the-less.  Rationalization is a tool of the trade of dealing with an unreal worldview.  A teacher may say, “I know I’m a good teacher, I care about my students, I do a very necessary job for too little pay, so I deserve any rewards I can reap.  I may not like the confines of my professional duties, but what can I do?  If I don’t fall in line, I simply will not have a job!”  It is very hard for such teachers to recognize the individual value of each student because they are being scored on the overall result of a collectivist outcome – to create a mindset within the group. 


The truth is that learning is much harder than teaching.  It really is.  Collectivists would have us believe exactly the opposite.  While the mechanics of teaching can be boring, the record keeping brutally mundane, and the rewards, at times, very disappointing, the inspiration to teach, and teach well, is as rewarding as anything else in life.  When the spark happens and something clicks within the individual student who is truly learning, there is nothing like it in the world.  And the good teacher knows that.



It occurs to me that sometimes you can’t say it any better than you’ve already said it, so for this “Right Side” update I decided to post here some of the most popular articles I have ever written.  (Some folks just don’t like to click a link.)


Significant Emotional Event

Deborah Venable

Originally Published - 02/14/03


Focus in America is so scattered that saving the ideal of America is becoming almost impossible.  Too many seem unconcerned with saving America, the ideal, the culture, the dream of freedom and opportunity.  We have real problems just trying to save our history from those that would pollute it with inaccuracy, tell it with shame, and condemn it to irrelevance.  We can’t even seem to define our philosophies in terms that can be readily understood and adhered to.  The problem is a lack of focus complicated by an unbelievable lack of commitment to do whatever it takes to restore America’s original greatness.  The problem is typical American behavior.


The masses have been deliberately mis-educated, to put it nicely, and brainwashed, to tell the truth about it.  Many have awakened or are awakening to this fact and to much of the truth from the results of it, but focus is still hard to manage when it comes to verbalizing a game plan for how to fix this damage.  I believe that we now have a very willing audience to learn the truth about America’s problems and for any number of proposals for action to fix them, but I have yet to hear anyone in the arena of political or religious ideas articulate the full extent of the damage we have sustained or the tangible reality of what it will take to repair it.  Many have gotten quite close, but to my knowledge at least, none have pegged it dead on.


There has never been an action by our government representatives that has garnered such immediate negative attention from those with their eyes open as the so called Patriot Act passed by Congress and signed by the president last year.  No wonder!  For all intent and purpose, this thing was the hand that finally ripped the last remaining shreds of the Constitution from its page in our history book!   I challenge ANYONE who put his or her vote and name on the passage of this legislation to look me in the eye and tell me he or she read it and understood it!  If that were true, the lot of them should be impeached!  These people all swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  This misnamed Patriot Act does everything but that!  Now, since that campaign to destroy America was so successful, they are proposing still a second part – a Patriot Act II, if you will.  Anyone doubting whether or not that will pass eventually is dreaming!


There have been many landmarks of our destruction in the past that have done much more harm perhaps, but passage of the Patriot Act is the first time in my memory when you had people from all over the political map so condemning of a single act.  Their reasons for opposing it were just as scattered.  Some would have been perfectly happy if Clinton or any other Democrat had been in the executive office when this abortion of Constitutional law was signed, but since the Republicans were “in charge” that was enough to label it an “illegal abortion.”  Anyway you look at it, folks, it was still an abortion!  If you happen to be one who is cringing at my choice of words to describe it – good!  Think about it for a while.


Those of us in the conservative and constitutionalist camps were immediately alerted to this abortion of the Constitution for obvious reasons.  Ironically, many stood by and let the liberal “defenders of civil liberties” make the most noise in opposing this questionable law, while still others began to resort to elaborate conspiracy theories that the left hadn’t even formulated about the Republican controlled administration and Congress trying to install a dictatorship within the government.  Everyone, to a person, ignored the obvious.  This is America and we DO still have a Constitution.  Within that unique document we have the means to replace the government on a regular basis, impeach every last treasonous soul who attempts to infringe on our God given rights – anytime – and fix every single flaw in the process of law and government that has been imposed on the American people since the country was founded.  If the Constitution has truly been aborted, each and every one of us was an attending abortionist. 


One argument I have had with those who share many of my conservative views is that of whether or not to vote for the “lesser of the evils.”  Many, who have become disillusioned with the Republican Party especially, claim that a vote for the lesser of the evil is still a vote for evil.  That is very common rhetoric for the defeatist attitude that seems to prevail in today’s constitutionalist and conservative community.  Very prominent people are leading the call to stay home from the polls and just not vote.  Yep, Buddy!  That’ll show ‘em, won’t it?  This truly makes no logical sense to me.  That is precisely what our opponents count on and they don’t care how high and mighty or noble your reason is for refusing to vote.  Add to that the majority of the qualified voters who can’t be bothered to vote and wouldn’t know the first thing about making an intelligent choice anyway, and you have the government being chosen by a minority of the people, many of whom who could care less if the Constitution is on the chopping block or not!  But go ahead and stay home and wring your hands about freedom in this country being lost. 


It is somewhat remarkable that instead of taking advantage of an opportunity to focus attention on the importance of certain government infringements and garner support from various ideologies to fight corrupt government on a purely Constitutional basis, many self proclaimed constitutionalists have resorted to attacking individual personalities and assigning those personalities to a party view or traditional philosophical view.  Remarkable and destructive. 


The Republican Party is almost as hated by many conservatives and constitutionalists as by the liberal Democrats.  Granted, the actions of far too many representatives with an R behind their names indicates that THEY do not support their own party’s platform or that they are working to change that platform.  Indeed the leaders of the party no longer act with the high-minded integrity of Republican philosophy.  These are individuals who have taken over the party just as surely as ignorance has taken over the minds of the masses.  Know this: everything you see and hear about erroneous philosophies governing America is a giant ruse to veil the real facts – facts that simply indicate a deliberate attempt to sabotage the separation of philosophical views that have always set the political stage in our country. 


One is the belief in limited central powers in servitude to the people – always!  The other is the belief that government exists to protect and provide for the public good – at all costs!  Now these are pretty simple philosophies.  Democrats come down on the side of the latter view and Republicans on the former.  Any melding of these ideas is mutually exclusive and renders the philosophies weak at best and laughable in most cases.  In a few instances we have seen representatives elected to office via membership in these offshoot parties, but generally this only occurs because of the strength of support for the individuals involved – not for support of their party platforms.  Most voters still fall into the two main categories of philosophical beliefs outlined above – Democrat or Republican. 


The Republicans have no doubt veered off course.  Democrats, on the other hand have remained close enough to their philosophical base beliefs to be a much more credible force as a party.  Granted, you still have the conservative, moderate and liberal fine points within the party, but they are not as divergent from their platform as those liberal and moderate Republicans tend to be from theirs.  That is why the Republicans have lost, not only credibility, but also key support from many Americans who could make a real difference in the salvation of America from the tentacles of tyranny.  The very folks who should be able to make a real difference have thus lost focus.  


In discussing with conservatives and constitutionalists the major problems in America that require immediate attention, two things will come up every time – two things that have a direct impact on the monster oppressive government animal that is consuming American ideals and freedoms.  That animal has a voracious appetite for money and financial control of each and every American citizen.  Therefore, the informed American knows that those two problems have to do with the FED and the IRS.  These are the feeders of the animal and the hands on the throat of America.  Kill one and the other won’t be far behind.


We must choose the weaker of the two entities to attack and defeat first – the one that offers us the most obvious vulnerable target for complete destruction.  In my opinion, the IRS wins that one hands down.  The whole concept of income taxing is flawed and evil in its intent.  Absolutely NO good comes from it and it is the cancer that has been eating away at every vital part of America since its beginning.  Many good and loyal American patriots have been brutalized, persecuted, prosecuted, imprisoned and even murdered by the aforementioned animal in the protective clothing of IRS enforcement.  Many others have “checked out” and chosen to live “underground” to avoid feeding the animal via the IRS.  Still others have taken a more direct approach and have tried to carry on a legal battle against this obviously lawless entity.  Their valiant efforts are practically doomed from the start, but they continue to gain attention, (positive and negative), as time goes on.  Here is the problem in a nutshell, though.  These groups are ALL vastly outnumbered by the majority of Americans who continue to empower the IRS, and thus the beast, by allowing the continued intrusion, confiscation, intimidation, and regular scrutiny for compliance with this infringement on everything America stands for.  We are a nation of individual and collective wimps – pure and simple.  We allow our so-called representatives to argue in the hallowed halls of congress and the grandly decorated rooms of the highest offices in our government over such ridiculous terminology as “tax cuts” and “legal deductions” when they have no right to determine any of it!  They DO NOT have a right to determine government compensation BEFORE the individuals that are the source of that compensation even realize their own FULL compensation for their individual efforts!  Government withholding of taxes is immoral, unconstitutional, (yes, I mean the amendment itself), and destructive to the fabric of America.  Invasion of our privacy is an unavoidable by product of the IRS and tax system.  That point alone makes it unconstitutional, folks!  It is NOBODY’S business what my individual yearly compensation is for my legally pursued efforts.  Period. 


Stay focused, here, folks.  Think for a moment of this scenario.  A new neighbor moves into the house or apartment next door to you.  He comes over and knocks on your door and starts asking you questions:


            What is your full name?

            What is your SS number?

            What is your spouse’s full name?

            What is his/her SS number?

            How many children do you have?

            What are their SS numbers?  (Required even of BABIES!)

            Who do you and your spouse work for?

            How much money did you make last year?

            Got any money invested in bank accounts?

            How about stock?

            How much?

            How much did you spend on health care?

            How much money did you spend on clothes for your job?

            Now – PROVE IT ALL!

            Know his – I think you will lie to me, so I can arrest you if you do.


Do you get the picture yet?  It gets much worse if you try to take advantage of the so-called loopholes” in the tax code so that you might avoid paying as much tax as you would without them.  But, you might say, this is no strange new neighbor – it is your beloved government and you owe “your fare share” after all.  You want them to protect you in every way imaginable, and you want them to provide charity to the underprivileged so you won’t have to think about personal charity.  It all costs money and you know that.  So you WILLINGLY allow agents in the private and government sectors of society to trample all over your individual rights to privacy each and every year via the bazaar ritual of reporting to the IRS.  This is called, “filing” by the way.  Stay focused here and think of every possible meaning of the word, “filing” if you would.  Brings a whole new meaning to the effects of the ritual if you really think about it. 


Here’s the point to all this, sports fans.  You might think that the government has every right to require income tax filing of YOU.  You might think that the tax code is fair for YOU.  You might not mind if any number of folks knows everything there is to know about YOUR private life via these tax forms.  You might not have enough sense to know that the whole process violates YOUR constitutional rights.  The only thing that matters in all this is that YOU do not have a right to decide all these things for anybody else. 


Back to the Patriot Act I and II now.  The glaring evil in these unconstitutional laws is the defiant way they render our constitutional rights null and void and set us up for ungodly government tyranny – heretofore unheard of in America!  Or is it “unheard of,” folks?  Hell no!  We put up with the same tyranny on a regular basis via the IRS!  Wake the hell up and get that through your heads!  We gave away all those rights years ago.  The point is, all you who would fight this Patriot Act so valiantly, what about THOSE infringements on privacy?  Does anyone still believe in ANY gun control in America?  If you do, your position is self-defeating to say the least and dangerous in the stark reality of truth!  Does anyone still believe in any reason for legal abortion to protect a woman’s privacy?  If you do, you are an absolute hypocrite at the least and mentally deranged to think murder of innocence justifies protection of a privacy you have already lost to a greater extent.  You don’t have ANY rights that government wants to protect for you!  It is high time you realize that.  The only rights you have are those God-given rights that you are willing to fight for yourself.  Our Founding Fathers spelled them all out and wrote documents that gave everyone the legal right to refuse government infringement of them.  We continue to finance that infringement via the IRS and accept more and more infringements such as the Patriot Acts. 


It should be pretty obvious by now that Americans need to undergo an immediate change in behavior to salvage the American ideal and restore America to her former glory.  Many say that it will never happen, that America is too far gone, that the system is broken and can never be fixed, therefore, don’t vote any more.  Let me try to hold onto my temper long enough to give you one more piece of information that is imperative to understand.  America is not a nation of wimps.  NOT the America I know and love.  We are still in possession of the territory of an ideal that has never been equaled on the face of the earth.  Our ancestors fought and died for this ideal and it is not our right to allow it to be squandered for future generations of Americans.  We desperately need to undergo this behavior change.


Anyone who has studied the human psychological makeup agrees that behavior changes in human beings are relatively easy to accomplish up until the age of ten years old.  After that, radical behavior changes may still be accomplished through the use of a significant emotional event.  This can be proven if you do not wish to take my word for it.  As a quick example, think about the effects of the so-called Scared Straight Program, employed by many parents and educators to reach incorrigible teenagers, who might otherwise be doomed to a life of crime etc.  This is the utilization of the concept I am talking about – a significant emotional event. 


Make no mistake; Americans WILL one day collectively undergo a significant emotional event that has the potential to cause the needed positive behavior change.  The events of September 11, 2001 had that potential, and in some cases I’m sure, did in fact cause behavioral changes in some Americans.  For one thing, many were turning their attentions toward God and their own mortality.  That is a very good first step.  However, it has been short-lived and there were many negative consequences to this event also.  The most startling of these has been an unreasonable willingness to hand over freedom in return for NOTHING but imagined safety!  Much more harm than good was the result of this significant emotional event - perhaps because New York City is so far removed from most of the rest of the country and perhaps because the event itself, while undoubtedly horrible, was just not significant enough to cause the positive effect.  At any rate, there will be another, and we had better be ready for it.  Enough well-informed and clear minded folks must take this event when it occurs and use it to literally scare America straight!  If we do not, we may well not get another chance.   


In the meantime, stop willingly feeding the beast, capitulating moral right, and allowing your rights and others’ to be trampled.  America is worth saving.  My conservative and constitutionalist friends must cooperate and focus on the important pieces of this giant problem.  My liberal friends must realize that YOUR philosophy is not safe in a world that does not recognize MY rights.  America worked before and it can work again.  Love it, believe in it and live your beliefs.  We must win this country back from the jaws of tyranny.  We are already in a war.  It is high time we act like soldiers if we want to win it.  We have no friends that understand us like we must strive to understand each other.  We do not need to be preached to by the rest of the world.  Our ancestors and our God wrote the sermon on freedom.  We instinctively know how to win this war.  Now, let’s get to it! 



Right Side Shotgun! - 06/19/10

Deborah Venable


Mr. Veritas made me aware of this Must Watch Video – This happened at a recent Tea Party gathering in Georgia.  Herman Cain was leading a Q & A session when one of those “you should have been there” moments happened.


Editor’s Note:  As you watch this video, keep in mind that your government considers the participants of these tea parties the REAL American terrorists! 


There are actually four verses:


"Defense of Fort McHenry" (Francis Scott Key, 1814)


O! say can you see by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
'Tis the star-spangled banner, O! long may it wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.


And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more!
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.


O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war's desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!


God bless that marine and his strong, clear voice!


Moving on in this update for the Right Side – in case nobody knows by now, your humble webmaster was born and raised in the state of Alabama.  I was an adult by the time the revolution of the sixties hit America full force.  I vividly remember when George Wallace was the governor, when the race war of the 20th century centered around fire hoses to restore public order, and burning churches and crosses, and dead little black girls made national headlines.  Everybody who was anybody came to the state to protest, march in the street, and proclaim Alabama as a racist state.  I know what was happening there because I lived it.  I had not been brought up as a “racist” but because I was white, that was all it took to label me as such.  It still is in many ways.


I left Alabama in my early adulthood - traveling and living all over this great country.  The more I saw, the more conservative I became.  I felt the country slipping away before my very eyes.  Maybe that is why my roots pulled me back to Alabama in my later years. 


Some of the finest talent that ever graced the music industry, and some of the best music ever written about the place I call home has enriched American culture for generations.  Like this piece from the group known simply as “Alabama” - My Home's In Alabama, released in 1980.  Randy Owen, Fort Payne, Alabama, and the group knew how to write good music and perform it impeccably.  That’s not just my opinion – their success is a testament to the fact.


Who hasn’t heard the original Lynryd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama – and I had to really look around for this one!  It is 1974 vintage.  If you want an education about the race war, and specifically how it affected Alabama, do some homework on this particular song and the band that wrote and performed it.  The original leader, Ronnie Van Zant, wasn’t even a native of Alabama, but was born in Jacksonville, Florida, as was his brother, Johnny Van Zant, who stepped into Ronnie’s shoes some time after his untimely death.  This is a relatively new one, That Ain't My America – by Lynyrd Skynrd – have a listen! 


Back to Alabamians, though, it is no small feat that two of the winners of that most popular of modern American entertainment (reality) productions, American Idol, have hailed from the state of Alabama.  Ruben Studdard won in Season 2 and Taylor Hicks in Season 5. A very honorable mention must be inserted here for Season 4’s Bo Bice, who was the runner up to Carrie Underwood, who won that season. 


So, what’s this old broad doing “singing” the praises of American Idol winners?  Well, I’m not too proud to admit that music and talent move me.  They always have.  I also believe in competition, and the nine seasons of this show have provided me with some of the small amount of pure entertainment I allow myself.  It is also something I can enjoy with my children – they all like the show immensely.  Just so you know, we also like football!  That’s something else Alabamians seem to have a talent for.  (That list would be far too long to put here!)


This piece is not meant to ignore the numerous talented, patriotic, and brilliant people who have also hailed from my home state.  Many come instantly to mind, who are not noted here.  The point is to stipulate that in many ways Alabama, and much of the south still gets a bum rap, in the rest of the country.  In much the same way that Americans get the same bum rap in much of the rest of the world, sometimes we need to take note that individualism is the source of our spirit, and collectivism its enemy.  Our heritage is ignored at our peril, and our heritage combines in a way no other country on earth has ever done, the uniqueness of individuals.  Individuals, though representative of their heritage and roots, must remain free of artificial controls on their abilities and willingness to assimilate where they wish, honor who they wish, live where they want, and peacefully express themselves in a way that defines the melting pot theory that founded this nation.


We see too many things going on today that would stifle the very individualism that is American heritage.  An overreaching government and ever-burgeoning debt mentality will destroy this country.  It is up to individuals to get their houses in order, then their communities, then their states, and finally their country.  Can we do it in time?  Of course we can!  Will we?  That remains to be seen.


I have been accused of “shotgun writing.”  This may be one of the best examples of it on this site.  It is deliberate in this case.  The old scatter gun touched on a lot of subjects, but the finger that pulled the trigger is one individual that thinks you just might be able to handle it.



From Lewie -

Why America has a problem with illegal immigrants:



Getter Done, Arizona!



Seasoned With What?

Deborah Venable



Seasoned citizens we are called,

You hear it all the time.

We’re old and tough, and oft appalled

At selfish sloth and crime.


We’d like to take a break and rest,

But dare not shut our eyes,

For we must always do our best

To make the youngsters wise.


Back in the days when we were young

We learned a thing or two.

Like, ladders have a bottom rung

In all the things we do.


You started there and worked your way

As high as you could go.

“The sky’s the limit!” we would say,

No one would tell us “no.”


But kids today will keep their books,

As if they know it all.

They credit wealth and strange new looks,

To bring in that big haul.


And government will grant them pay

For little that they do,

To make it to the top their way,

Supplied by me and you.


They learned in school they need not seek

To understand the past.

Their teachers told them we are weak,

We’re old, and we won’t last!


Our morals need not be theirs too,

They’re told that it’s okay,

And what we tell them not to do

Need not get in the way.


They think they’re right and we are wrong

When we speak out to say

We only want our country strong,

We think she’s lost her way.


“What way is that?” they want to know,

“The one of greed and guilt?”

We shake our heads and try to show

God’s path, on which she’s built.


Families remain her strength,

And liberty her base,

And we should go to any length

To turn her toward God’s grace.


For He is waiting now to see

If we have done our best

To teach the children what must be

To pass the greatest test.


Thank God for those, the youngsters who

Have learned their lessons well.

They have pure hearts and know what’s true,

This story they will tell.


Raised on faith and hope and love,

And history, full and rich,

They know they never need to shove

God out to find their niche.


Seasoned citizens will be here,

Always along the way,

The youngsters who are wise hold dear

What elders have to say.


But wisdom that is earned with age

Knows well the mystery

Of seasoning with salt and sage

Topped off with history.



From the author:  American Christians are being asked to pray for the healing and survival of America, in great ceremony, at a specific time, on a specific day.  I think it would be much wiser for each individual to pray for his or her personal guidance to do the “healing things” each and every day that this country and the world so desperately need.  That “miracle” is within each and every one of us.



What He Sees

Deborah Venable



He’s had his say so can we please

Look at what he really sees?

He’s come before us for a year,

To tell us what we want to hear,

Or so he thinks, but that’s not why

He cannot look us in the eye.


The truth would never set him free,

For he sees what he wants to see.

Truth he doesn’t understand,

For lies are all he’s ever planned.

He has no interest in the views

Of people he would then abuse.


A leader, as the word implies,

Could prove that he is truly wise,

Through all the things that he has done,

Which tell us all why he’s the one

That we should follow, come what may,

And hear just what he has to say.


We’ve listened, though he says we’ve not,

We’ve seen our ever-dwindling lot

Played out upon his actor’s stage,

Where he cannot begin to guage

Effects of acts he forces still

Against the people and their will.


What he sees as he looks out

Across this land that’s full of doubt,

Is not that beacon on the hill

Where people come to drink their fill

Of freedom, sweet with honey’s taste,

And heritage we must not waste.


No.  What he sees does not reflect

Anything but great defect

That only he must change and show

How wrong the Founders were, you know,

To document our rights from God

Instead of governmental nod.


He does not see a nation strong,

And will not say that he is wrong,

To wish that we would lose our pride

In principles he can’t abide.

Our very freedom can’t allow

This land to ever take that bow.


He’s not an ideologue, says he.

He thinks we simply cannot see

That policies he would dictate

Preclude inviting a debate.

But if we question not his rule,

He’d be the king and we the fool!


He lectures with a boldness new,

Without respect for any who

Would disagree with his desire

To see our liberties expire

With policies that he’d impose

To saddle us with wretched woes.


I’ve had my say, and that’s my right,

And I thank God for this insight

Which tells me every single day

That for my country I should pray.

And yes, even for this man

That God’s included in His plan.


Hatred’s not the Christian way

To get our point across and say

That what he sees does not define

America that’s yours and mine.

For what he sees will never be

If we, the people, remain free!




The Teacher

Deborah Venable



“What does Christmas mean to you?”

A teacher asked her class.

Some answered, “Toys and gifts brand new!”

And one said, “Christmas Mass.”


Still others chimed in, “Santa Claus!”

And “Jingle bells and snow!”

And one, with consternated pause,

Said, “Really, I don’t know.”


Continuing with halting prose,

The child went on to say,

“I think that everybody knows

It’s just a special day.”


The room began to quiet down,

The teacher took her cue.

“It’s said, that in a little town,

A Life began anew.”


“The Child was born so long ago

Nobody knows just when.

His birth, more than a legend, though,

Has meant so much since then.”


“God speaks to us in many ways,”

The teacher then declared.

“His gift of life and all the days

On earth that we have shared . . .”


One child piped up and said aloud

What others may have thought.

“You are wrong! God’s not allowed

In school where we are taught!”


With patience born of wisdom then,

The teacher did reply,

“Tell us now, just where and when

You learned that awful lie?”


“It’s just the way it is,” said he,

“I surely don’t know why –

But everywhere God used to be . . .”

He trailed off with a “sigh.”


The teacher took her cue again,

And said, “But don’t you see

That’s just the way it was back then

When hope had ceased to be.”


Then angels came upon the earth

To sing their songs of joy,

Foretelling of that special birth –

God’s Son, a baby boy!”


The children’s eyes were open wide,

As she went on to say,

“The Christ Child came here to reside

With us on Christmas Day!”


“For those of you who don’t believe

That God is always near,

Perhaps the gifts that you receive

Will be your only cheer.”


“What does Christmas mean to you?”

She asked once more with grace.

The answers came with knowledge new,

And hope on every face.


Epilogue:  I shudder to think what would happen to any public school teacher in this country that would dare to have such a conversation with her class, but wouldn’t it be nice if she did?



Heritage Says It All

Deborah Venable



I can but try and hold a candle

To the heritage that’s mine.

How best, I wonder, do I handle

In the sand, that famous line?

Often drawn and ever crossed

By the weak and faint of heart,

Every time, their freedom tossed,

As they abrogate their part.


Individuals must try

To regain the ground they’ve lost,

Or they need not wonder why,

When they tally up the cost,

That the only thing they show

In the column titled, “gains”

Is the knowledge, (now they know),

That their heritage remains.


O’ the courage that it took

To build our country as she stands!

For those that wrote that book

Came across from many lands.

Bringing little more than hopes,

And a fierce resolve to win,

As their faith was on the ropes,

God reminded where they’d been.


These people tried it all,

As they set about to craft

A future standing tall,

Through the years that followed aft.

From industry and progress, through

Ideas of spreading wealth,

As they garnered strength from what they knew,

They relied on spiritual health.


Socialists have gained new ground,

And for the practiced few,

Lamenting what they’ve never found

They savage all they knew.

For surely they were never taught

That freedom has a price.

They’ll give it up without a thought,

And lies will, thus, suffice.


Communism surely reigns

In hearts where courage fails,

Their rulers fit each one with chains

And sell them all tall tales,

About how only they can bring

A justice to the earth,

And drive away the only thing

Promised at their birth.


Liberty, and with it life,

Our heritage proclaims,

Shall not be squandered, lost in strife

If time forgets our names.

The Promised Land our founders won

So very long ago

Is worth the fight that is not done

Till Heritage slays its foe.



This comes to me from the Big Kahuna, via his daughter.  The author is a local activist in the New Orleans area.  I think all of us at the Unique Point Of View can give this patriot a big “Amen” in unison!  DebV


Tea Party Patriots: Your Shoe is Untied

Glenn Dubroc, Jr.

Posted 09/17/09


Dear Tea Party Patriots,


In the House of Representatives, there are 256 Democrats and 178 Republicans (with one vacancy).  In the Senate, there are 57 Democrats, 2 Independents (who caucus with the Democrats), and 40 Republicans (with one vacancy).  The President is a Democrat.


For the moment, the deck is overwhelmingly stacked (by choice of the voters) in favor of those who call themselves Democrats.  With those numbers, they should be able to pass ANY piece of legislation they darn well please.  Yet still, there is absolutely no consensus on a health care reform bill and absolutely few specific details.  The Democrats are angry and frustrated that they haven't been able to get the job done.  They have laid blame on every imaginable source: talk radio, astroturf mobs, misinformation, the health insurance industry, "those who wish to preserve the status quo", George W. Bush, the boogeyman, and on and on.


And now comes this.  The ultimate trump card.  Panicked Democrats and their propagandists resort to the diversionary cry of RACISM.  Never mind that the country's first black President was elected by a country whose population is majority white.  Never mind that the Democrats possess an overwhelming voting block in the House and Senate.  The reason death care reform isn't moving forward is because of RACISM. 


In hurling the most vicious of all charges, the insinuation is that if Barack Obama was white, those of us who are opposing his policies would instead be praising his policies.  Never mind that this President and Congress are bankrupting the country with a 2010 budget that is projected by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office to add a trillion dollars to the national debt for each of the next 10 years!!!  Never mind that the spending on new social programs will create more debt than the combined debt of every President from George Washington up to and including George W. Bush!!!   Never mind that the President has been at the helm while private car companies were taken over by the government and federal bankruptcy laws were turned on their heads to favor union leaders over bondholders!!!  Never mind that this Congress has demonstrated a willingness and the ability to pass a bill with over 1,000 pages that not one single legislator was able to read prior to voting upon it!!!!  Never mind that they attempted to force a vote on a massive cap and trade legislation and permanently change the way energy is purchased and consumed!!!!


Of course, our opposition to the health care legislation MUST BE because of racism.  I'm now going to say something very politically incorrect: Jimmy Carter, you are a pathetic excuse for a supposedly rational human being.  How dare you level that kind of accusation against the American people who labor tirelessly to make this country work?  How dare you crawl out from under whatever rock you've been hiding to insult and degrade the democratic process by lobbing the most vicious of all attacks against people for no other reason except that they have a dissenting opinion?  How dare you attempt to divide this nation along racial lines as a means to pass your unpopular socialist agenda?  Janeane Garofalo calling us "redneck racists" was one thing, but she's a nobody, so who cares?


Here's what's happening.  They saw the MASSIVE number of people who showed up in Washington DC and, while they won't acknowledge the crowd size, they realize they are in serious political trouble.  Time is short.  They MUST pass death care reform, cap and trade and whatever various and sundry items that are needed to permanently alter the balance of wealth and control, thus insuring their political perpetuity. 


The strategy is clear.  Divert attention from the facts.  Rile up everyone in the country to think this is about racism and the repression of specific racial groups simply to divert attention from the fact that, despite an overwhelming majority in the House and Senate, YOU CAN'T PASS this pathetic excuse of legislation.  When you want to distract someone, tell him his shoe is untied.  When you want to pick a fight, say something unflattering about someone's mother.  When you simply cannot get your way and you are backed into a corner, scream RACISM.  Where are your facts to back this up?  Just because there were a few tasteless signs at a massive rally in Washington, DC, is that what you base your expert opinion upon?  The irony is not only will your unfounded charges not work, they just embolden us EVEN MORE because we see exactly how pathetic and transparently disingenuous you are.


I have been involved with the Tea Party movement since February 2009.  Not once, not one single time, has anyone in our group said or even insinuated that the reason they opposed this President was because of his race.  Not once have I heard the N-word uttered at a rally or other event.  Not once have I heard a racial epithet hurled.  Are there racists amongst us?  I'm sure there are.  Are they welcome in our group?  Absolutely, unflinchingly NOT !!!! 


In fact, we are actively pursuing opportunities to identify and involve conservative people from every ethnicity who share our core values that include the Founding Fathers' principles of freedom, the advancement of public policy that is consistent with those values, and to actively engage with our elected officials to adhere to the Constitution of these United States of America.  Anyone, of ANY race, is welcome to join our movement if he/she shares these principles and wishes to participate.


WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY !!!!  You can level any accusation that suits your folly.  We are like teflon.  And we already know our shoes ARE tied.  So go back under your rock.  We'll call you if we need you.  Don't wait up.


Everyone, please don't forget Saturday's rally at West End Park (11:00 am - 4:00 pm).  The Greater New Orleans Tea Party group makes a tremendous effort to organize these events to give you information, educate you about the issues, and provide you with a feeling of community support.  Nearly everyone who has attended one of these events leaves with a renewed spirit of optimism and energy.  Invite your skeptical friends and neighbors and ask them to keep an open mind and just come and listen.



OFA Crosses the Line – Organizing For America, that oh so neat sounding collective dream child of Obama supporters tested the waters and found them a little hot I guess.  On the website, stupidly named, my barrack obama . com, (spaces included to prevent the link) OFA announced recently its intent to hijack the upcoming memorial of 911 for the purpose of a “coordinated telephone campaign” in support of the president’s version of health care reform.  From the above article:


Today, President Obama’s campaign organization “Organizing for America” sent out a notice to its “grassroots” supporters. It asked them to wage a coordinated phone campaign for health care by calling their U.S. Senators on September 11 – also known as Patriot Day in honor of the thousands of Americans killed by Al Qaeda terrorists eight years ago. It goes on: All 50 States are coordinating in this – as we fight back against our own Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic Process, whipped to a frenzy by their Fox Propaganda Network ceaselessly re-seizing power for their treacherous leaders.


But that’s not the best part.  This page has now been scrubbed from the site!  This article contains a link to the “captured page” as it used to exist, though.  Like I said, the waters were a little hot.  How many pages have disappeared after too many “right” folks got wind of them?  These people are blatant in their disregard for intelligent questioning!


How does it feel to be a “right-wing domestic terrorist” just because you oppose nationalized health care, folks?  You are being defined by left-wing domestic monsters in this, the war of the century!  How’s that for in-a-nutshell analysis?


Tell me again why we should ever take anything this administration or its promoters have to say at face value???  Tell me again that a Constitutionally legitimate president is at America’s helm.   



Remembering the Decade of the Fifties – This website is a goldmine of historical information, cultural nostalgia, and meaningful resources of this critical time period before the sixties revolutionaries hit the American scene.


Under a section called “Fads and Fashions – These Were a Few Of Our Favorite Things” here is just one small excerpt:


Perhaps one of the things which most characterizes the 1950's was the strong element of conservatism and anticommunist feeling which ran throughout much of society. One of the best indicators of the conservative frame of mind was the addition of the phrase "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance. Religion was seen as an indicator of anti-communism. Fifties clothing was conservative. Men wore gray flannel suits and women wore dresses with pinched in waists and high heels. French fashion designers such as Dior, Chanel and Givenchy were popular and copied in America.  Families worked together, played together and vacationed together at family themed entertainment areas like national parks and the new Disneyland. Gender roles were strongly held, girls played with  Barbie dolls  and Dale Evans  gear, boys with Roy Rogers and Davy Crockett  paraphernalia.  Drive-in movies  became popular for families and teens. Cars were seen as an indicator of prosperity and cool-ness. Highways were built to take people quickly from one place to another, by-passing small towns and helping to create central marketing areas or shopping malls such as Sharpstown Mall, Gulfgate Mall and Meyerland Plaza in Houston.


From this “fifties” link, you can explore every decade of the twentieth century in American Cultural History.  Like I said, it is a goldmine!  I chose the fifties to begin because my foundational education was cemented during that decade.  I also believe it to be one of the most important decades of the last century from a cultural standpoint.  When you take a look at today’s textbooks, you will find that much of the historical information about this period has been obscured, skewed, or otherwise rewritten. 




The Pitfall of Complaining First


If you live in close proximity to a military base, especially, but not limited to an Air Force Base, you may have felt like complaining about a downside to your location.  There is an email circulating on the internet that illustrates the caution one should take before complaining first and asking questions later.  An example of the email with a full explanation may be found at various sites.  Thanks to Mr. Veritas for bringing this to my attention.


Luke Air Force Base is located on the west side of the Valley Of the Sun, otherwise known as the greater Phoenix area in Arizona. 


The Snopes Account


More information available from Fallen Heroes Memorial and Military Quotes.


Everyone should know that the job our military has to do for us is dangerous to say the least.  What many do not stop to realize is that the training they must go through is also perilous – and many of the deaths that occur in and out of a war zone are attributable to that training.  


Saying a prayer for those willing to set aside their personal lives to take such risks for the rest of us is more than appropriate.  Please never forget that.




I love to point out as often as possible that there are still some pretty extraordinary young people in America.  You know, young folks with their heads on straight, who appreciate good stuff when they see it.  Recently, my young friend, Andrew, sent me a poem that he said had made a positive impression on him.  Here is the kicker, it was written and first published in 1934!  I think you will agree that the positive message cannot be denied:


The Guy in the Glass

by Dale Wimbrow, (c) 1934


When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf,

And the world makes you King for a day,

Then go to the mirror and look at yourself,

And see what that guy has to say.


For it isn't your Father, or Mother, or Wife,

Who judgment upon you must pass.

The feller whose verdict counts most in your life

Is the guy staring back from the glass.


He's the feller to please, never mind all the rest,

For he's with you clear up to the end,

And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test

If the guy in the glass is your friend.


You may be like Jack Horner and "chisel" a plum,

And think you're a wonderful guy,

But the man in the glass says you're only a bum

If you can't look him straight in the eye.


You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,

And get pats on the back as you pass,

But your final reward will be heartaches and tears

If you've cheated the guy in the glass.


In grateful memory of our father, the author, Dale Wimbrow 1895-1954



From his children's website, I found another poem:



My Religion

by Dale Wimbrow



You ask me "what is my religion"?

Now what if I say I have None?

You'll be wrongly impressed,

And unduly distressed

So wait - I have only begun.


My creed in the sense that you mean it,

Has no single symbol, or sign.

Big, impressive, or small,

There is good in them all,

So perhaps Your religion is mine.


My doctrine is any that stands for

The honor and virtue of men.

For whatever we preach,

We're all striving to reach

A mutual goal in the end.


My church is the one that is nearest

Wherever I happen to be.

The place where men go

Their devotion to show,

Is good - and sufficient for me.


What matters the Name on the mileposts

That stand by the path you have trod?

If the pathway leads UP

Then at last you shall sup

With the infinite army of God.


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