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In response to this article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution by Cynthia Tucker -

Race-Baiting Demagoguery?

Big Kahuna



As a white Southerner I am proud of my heritage, even with the war for southern independence being a losing cause. I do find it difficult to fathom, however, that statements made by the governor elect is race-baiting demagoguery. We whites are faced every day with black antagonism and resentment, which is shown with caps with the Big X, (it's to symbolize black power) which we for the most part find offensive, even if we do ignore it. Then there is the constant litany of anti white venom spewed from the likes of the Rev. Louie F. the black icon, and (not wanting to be derelict) by forgetting good old Harry Bellefonte and his recent tirades against our President -"yours and mine." Then what needs to be said about Jesse that paragon of demagoguery. I do understand your supreme disappointment in being on the losing side but in the words of today’s young people, "get a life and get over it!”


 I know that you black folks find so much wrong with our Euro centric heritage, however, it is what founded this great country from which you folks seem to derive so many benefits. Paramount one, being to constantly whine and complain how tough it is. Then again think how tough the burden is on whites, who for the most part are carrying the load! That UTOPIA called Africa, that is constantly referred to by your people, most of whom haven't been there or know where it is, the reality being it's a figment of the collective black imagination.



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