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We have since WW2 been involved in a concerted effort to make the world a better place to live. The Marshall plan, unfamiliar to most of the young people today, and forgotten by most of the elders around the world, but right or wrong it was done on the American people’s dime! The American people who have been sending help to more nations than can be counted here. So many of our citizens, find it very strange, that the more we do to alleviate the pain and suffering of so many, our thanks comes in the form of strong hatred and animosity from the recipients of our largess. Is this the price we must pay for being such a great nation where it seems everyone is busting their behinds to get here and partake of all we have to offer? However this doesn't mean that these folks will try and assimilate themselves into our society. I, for one, get the impression they want us to conform to the ways, language and lifestyle they ran away from! It also seems to me that we Americans are now engaged in a worldwide struggle between nations. One is a citadel of liberty and sometimes more freedom than some can handle - another an empire of tyranny. We had the British in 1776, Germany and her allies in 1914 - there seems to be no end.


The enemies we have today, and they are many, expect us to continue being preoccupied in our hedonistic pursuits, be cowardly, foolish and have no stomach for doing what has to be done. Like our forefathers, I think we will fool them. Having said that, I feel the Iraqs of the world are due to be defeated by a rededicated America and her people. 


Proud to be an American!                     


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