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Our Princes and princesses of Camelot on the Potomac, where our royalty the Congressmen and Senators put in their time, are most reluctant to pay much attention to messages from voters. Their thinking, along with their personal hubris and egos of monumental proportions and their absolute belief in solipsism, of course leaves them very little time to care for or about what those jackasses at home need to learn or know about what they do! (In children this is referred to as sneaky.) This means of course that whatever message we voters were trying to send, during this recent election, fell on deaf ears and was unclear. They then seized upon the moment to give themselves (via a lame duck Senate) a really nice cost of living increase. (It's called raise in flyover country.) They won't be running again for a couple of years, so what's wrong with them helping themselves to a little more of the little people’s money while they can? After all back home in Hicksville, they are too preoccupied with the coming holidays to be paying much attention. How, my friends, how can we fault them? These folks are borderline indigent, making only $150,000 a year, plus a plethora of perks worthy of a Middle Eastern Sheik. The hell with the 27th Amendment and its pay raise limitations. They have now (for doing such a splendid job) raised their pay (base that is) to a paltry $154,700 a year. Heavy is the head that wears the crown!



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