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May I start this rant with these thoughts?   How strange it is that today’s black Americans, whose ancestors came here in pain and suffering, find themselves living a life, that many people of the world, are even willing to die in an attempt to get here. Today on television I was fascinated as I watched a man by the name of Daniels (didn't get his full name) as he indulged in pure unadulterated demagoguery. This in a speech he gave in our nation’s capitol, at a rally for reparations to be given to blacks because their ancestors had been brought here as slaves. It might be worth noting here, that more often than not, they were sold by blacks to the slave traders! He said many things that were of an inflammatory nature. With there being one that really resonated with me. Their plan (the blacks) will be to bring this country to it's knees by using their economic power! (Is that what they call burning and looting?) What power that might be escapes me, since all I ever seem to hear from the whining and pity party quarter of our society is how left out and deprive they are. It should also be noted here that in most of Africa this sort of demonstration would have resulted in a bunch of heads being bashed! The America that they find so distasteful and unfair, allows this sort of thing. It was also brought out that in Africa they were Kings and Queens who were brought here in chains, to work in the hot sun. Of course the sun wasn't hot in Africa. HA HA! Has anyone heard of the Sahara?


As to the royalty thing, to the best of my understanding there are no Kings or Queens there any longer ( of course the Aids thing might give lie to that Queens thing) however in many parts of Africa there is still slavery! I have read in the liberal press many stories of women and children traded for cattle and anything else of value. The poorest of our black citizens, without realizing it, enjoy a life so much better than the average African. 
Life in Africa is not anywhere close to the life that even the poorest black Americans experience. I do think that those who spend so much time demonstrating and whining, should take a long hard look at the life their African brothers have and consider what their lives could have been if those unfortunate ones hadn't been brought here as slaves. How much longer must white America continue to lean over backward to correct
something that none of us were responsible for?



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