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Missing The America I Remember



I must confess, now that I am a senior citizen and still blessed with a great memory, (at least for the time being :-o). This of course has it's drawbacks, because the America of my youth, was a land of good neighbors - folks who had a common goal. Supporting our families, educating our kids and having them grow up to be God fearing, self-sufficient
citizens – that’s what I remember. Today that is a thing of the past.


What bothers me, are the hate America crowd, who echo the PC hysteria of their liberal leftist comrades. They never stop bad mouthing and glorifying America as the world’s greatest evil-doer and the great Satan and more recently, as a war-making machine. They appear to despise my America as it was, except when they are partaking of our largess. Nothing is perfect. America had some imperfections, but not being the most generous people, the world has ever seen, wasn't one of them! Trust me, in the long run the imperfections were overshadowed by all the good things. I won't even go into how we saved the world from the horrors of Nazi domination and whatever the Japs had in store for us.


On the home front, hell I can remember when ladies could go walking in the evening, kids weren't worried about getting shot at school, and would you believe we could talk in public and not be afraid of being arrested for what we said!  Most people shared and had
one big thing in common THEY WORKED!  Hell there was a stigma connected with being on welfare. Today the gimmee, hands in the inverted position crowd, think of that as a badge of honor - a way to fleece the taxpayers! (Please note that I didn't say government)  Heck back then we even had borders that were secure.


These are just a few of the things that I miss - before they and their liberal friends took over. Now instead we have hordes of the unwashed rabble marching through our streets protesting things that they really know very little about or care about!  The sad thing is, there is little chance of those who remember the good times ever seeing that again. If we were to come back for a visit, there is a strong possibility we wouldn't understand the language. Or do you speak Spanish?


Boy I miss the way it was!


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