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Citizens Become Aware – That’s Us



The powerful, in this country and others, play the game one way. First they get control of the game, which is the press and all other media. Why is this you ask? Simple!  Keep the masses stupid and uninformed, then you control them. On the other hand, if we freedom-loving, truth seeking Americans, work together in disseminating the truth we do improve our chances of staying free. Never lose sight of one indisputable fact. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! No matter how bleak the odds may seem, we can draw encouragement from that fundamental   reality. The powerful Insiders must and do weave a fragile web of deception and falsehood to advance their plans. We the people can put a halt to this.


The first step in creating the needed understanding is to inform yourself.  NO more lame excuses like "I haven't the time.” Those who wish to control us take the time! The more informed you are, the more effective you will be in this freedom fight.


Another necessary step is to inform others. It's called communicating, exchanging ideas and banding together.


But no matter how hard you or others try, you cannot realistically hope to succeed without undertaking a third step.  Organizing. Haven't you noticed how successful the blacks have been in getting what they want, with only thirteen percent of the population! Never but never, lose sight of the fact that "HE WHO PAYS THE FIDDLER COMMANDS THE TUNE" and it's the other eighty seven percent of us that are paying the fiddler. This Internet is such a great way, if only we will get off our derrières and make our voices heard.


Take the Kahuna's word; it works.  Those who would put it over on us are moved when they hear from enough of us.


Thanks for reading these thoughts.



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