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Trust But Verify?



The Kahuna is finding it harder and harder to come up with items and thoughts that will pique the interest of all you buds out there. There is one indisputable fact of life as I see it today. It is, in my opinion, composed of two parts. Our enemies abroad and a number of them (most vocal) within! I do believe that even in our darkest hours of WW2 we didn't find ourselves in this position. I lived through that, and one thing that was most obvious - WE all stood together to assure our survival!  Please don't think for one moment it's different today; our survival is at stake. Our trump card in this coming war is that our enemies aren't difficult to see. However, there is a real problem with our so-called friends, and they, my friends, are as my daddy use to say, "Beware of your friends; they are the ones who can hurt you, because they are the only ones that you let get close enough, to do you harm."


Please do not put your faith in what you get from the main stream press, as they seem to be totally preoccupied with destroying our President Bush. If they had shown this sort of interest in Clinton and the way he pandered to our adversaries, we wouldn't be facing many of the problems confronting us today! North Korea, who is a very antagonistic recipient of so much aid during the last administration - aid that is now being used to blackmail us into giving more! In my mind this makes the Iraqi situation pall (though we must act) in comparison to the dangers we face there.


One of our greatest Presidents, Ronald Regan, said it best: "Trust but Verify."


We are now in this position, thanks to so many friends in the united (cabal) nations. I may be wrong but my perception now is we can't trust, and can't verify. What do you do? It would be a step in the right direction, aside from the comfort a united America would give to our men and women in the field. Do we need be reminded that they are in harm’s way? What is our next move? It wouldn't be a bad one if we got out of that group of America haters, whose envy has them looking for us to take a licking! Of whom do I refer? It's the United Nations (united mainly against us). I often refer to it as the house of the have-nots united against the haves.



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