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Who Are the Innocents?


As a proud grandfather, whose grandson is a Marine, manning a post a few miles from the Iraqi border, I am more than a little frustrated and angry at those cowardly, (too much time on their hands) so-called lovers of peace, who only seem to find fault with Mr. Bush and America! In my opinion we have too many speaking of this potential conflict as a war against Saddam, not the Iraqi people. We seem so preoccupied with and never seem to tire of emphasizing our intentions not to harm innocent civilians, of whom I am sure there will be many. Having said that, there are many of us who remember first hand that the German people, many of whom were innocents, went along with Adolf!  He did not resort to, (at the beginning), holding a gun to the entire German nation. He survived because millions supported him. Millions more supplied the necessary guns, bullets and food to keep his soldiers fighting. When we bombed German cities, we intended to destroy military installations, factories etc. unfortunately as a consequence many civilians were killed. There was a time when we were fully cognizant that fanatical leaders like Hitler and Saddam are kept in power by substantial numbers of equally fanatical supporters we seem to have lost sight of that.


In time of conflict our men in combat, cannot afford the luxury of trying to differentiate between those who embrace tyranny and those suffering under it. This is the one luxury you can't afford in the middle of a war. The war protesters are working overtime trying to convince the rest of us, that the Iraqi people are being held hostage. Personally I feel that many are. However, what do you do in regard to the large number of fanatics who only wish to kill Americans and the country our troops represent. There is the possibility that the Iraqi forces will give up the fight as quickly as they did last time, but what if they don't?  I'm most emphatic in
advocating we remove Saddam. However I do feel that we must exercise more sober judgment in regard to the Iraqi people. These oppressed civilians, may turn out to be men, women and children willing to die supporting their leader. They are dedicated to killing our men and women.


Please remember that our men and women in the past were given foolishly set rules of engagement at the cost of many lives. There was a movie "The Rules of Engagement" that all too realistically brought this out. This vividly showed whom our soldiers and Marines could shoot and how they were restricted to carefully defined targets. We could once again suffer heavy causalities from those so-called "innocent civilians".  There is nothing that can be said to praise war. It is a
nasty business with one purpose to blow up things, kill people and win.  Then comes the time to sort out those who were with you and those against! God forbid that we will learn, at the expense of many of our young warriors, that these terrorists and thugs have incredible civilian support. Our beliefs and way of life is at stake. I hope we're ready and will measure up.  With faith in God I pray we will.




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