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Illegals Do Plenty For Us?



When will we citizens stop allowing the liberal panderers for votes on both sides of the aisle? These politicians and their sycophantic followers, have made it an art form, the way they spew the fallacious and farcical idea that illegal immigration benefits this country. Aside from the fact that they the illegals do not wish to assimilate into our culture, or speak our language. They present a tremendous burden on U.S. taxpayers, pure and simple. Have you looked into crime stats and the burden on our hospitals, school systems and the numerous social welfare programs? Thanks to our governments turning a blind eye, the only real benefits go to the undocumented immigrants (potential voting bloc), who have no respect for our sovereignty language or customs. Need I mention those who are here with the purpose of doing us harm. We’d better hurry and give some serious thought to reclaiming our way of life, borders and country. Or is it too late?



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