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Since no one in our government up there in lotus land on the Potomac, seems to want to declare war on Iraq, I can't help but wonder what will we do next to protect our country from those who would destroy us.  To me the Iraq liberation will proceed with all due speed and we will emerge victorious with some reluctant praise from the rest of the world, for a job well done. However, when all is said and done the Democrats in our government will come out of this a most miserable group because Mr. Bush, our President, will have enhanced his position being the one to get the credit, for handling this with great expertise. Having said that, we must never forget this job could not have been accomplished without America’s most brave and dedicated group of military men and women who have performed in such a magnificent fashion.


With this victory there is another can of worms that will be opened up. That will be the crucial questions about what do we do next! Where will we, as I pray a united nation, turn our attention, because trust me there will still be hordes out there wishing our destruction. We must have the strength and fortitude to resist those idiots in the streets (and rest assured they will begin coming out of the woodwork) who will began bellowing for us to bring our people home and get back to the good life. They will give no thought to the other nations who are fast getting the means to think in terms of our downfall!  Need I mention North Korea or China?


As long as America is the richest and most powerful country in the world and our people enjoy the best life, at least that I'm aware of, we must be vigilant of those have-nots in the world suffering from envy and greed - they who feel their only way to the better life is the downfall of, as they say, "the great Satan." With God’s help we will come away from this a much stronger nation and people.



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