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Values where have they gone? It would seem as if an anathema has been placed on the current generation. They seem to find doing the correct thing and what's       right often very painful, even offensive.  It's a sad commentary on this current generation that they can no longer differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys, between good and evil.

I am of that generation that remembers Pearl Harbor. I can remember the correct and necessary decision to drop the first atomic bomb on Japan, because the effect would be to bring an end to a devastating war. That conflict was claiming too many lives of brave American fighting men. This act, in spite of the devastation it wrought, brought an end to a horrible war and eventually brought about a productive nation. Because President Truman had to courage to take this action, the world has never again seen a global conflict. Today there are those (a bit benighted) who call Mr. Bush our courageous president a "cowboy." I can't think of
a more appropriate title, for up until this current generation of crybabies, whiners and emotional cripples, cowboys have always been heroes and most wore white hats! Today the leaders in our education systems will not permit childhood games of cowboys and Indians because it supposedly teaches violence and aggression. They want to have sports where they do not keep score so there will be no winners or losers, so we do not damage someone's ego. Self-esteem has become more important than reality.  A child gets sent home from school because he points his finger at another student and goes "bang bang." With those rules people like me would still be serving life sentences, because as a kid I did that more than I care to count! We now have liberal historians rewriting our American history, attempting to make it more politically correct so as to not offend any race or ethnic group. Truth (what is that today) is being subverted in the name of political correctness and the public stands by and allows it happen. This country is at a crossroads - it can return to being what God intended it to be (God fearing people of faith), or it can continue down the path it is on now and risk losing God's protection. We can continue to kill more by abortion in one month than will be killed in the ongoing conflict, or we can return to the values taught by our grandparents. Never lose sight of the fact that when they were in charge, the county did very well.


It's decision time, lets not allow time to run out. 



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