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There is a strong movement afoot. It's to reward those weasel nations.  They who have done nothing but hinder every effort being made by the coalition of the United States and her real friends, trying to free Iraq.  We must not allow our heroes to have died in vain! Thereby enabling those who want to run the show, France, Germany and Russia who haven't lifted a finger in the effort made to free Iraq. This is another veiled attempt to place it under the yoke of the United Nations, where they have more clout than they deserve. Then through the United Nations these weasels will want the funds from the USA to "rebuild" Iraq they way they want it rebuilt and by those they want to build it. That of course, means our money will go to the French, German and Russian companies. This is not a bad joke. It is the reality of a corrupt to the core United Nations bureaucracy whose single purpose is to take money from the United States and use it to enhance the power of those who hate us.  Never but never forget there is a multitude of those!



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