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This morning as I awakened to a bright and sun lit morning. The only thing that seemed to matter was my morning cup of coffee and a good breakfast. Then this thought occurred to me, that all over the world there are people who are so full of envy and hate for what we Americans take for granted in our everyday lives. We Americans eat well have
comfortable homes and cars.


These creature comforts aren't the only things that make us the kind of people we are. With total freedom we can go to the church of our choosing to pray as we see fit. We express our opinions whether they are agreed with or not, with no fear of reprisal. There is no "Big Brother" to tell us what to watch on tv or what music to listen to. We dress as we please as long as we try and exercise a modicum of good taste. There are many however in our society today, that have no idea what good taste is so they don't subscribe! However they aren't harmed just frowned upon!!


Most of us have cell phones and beepers, not to mention answering machines, computers, etc. I wonder how often we think about all of our freedoms. This freedom was bought and paid for by the blood and sweat of the patriots of times past - just as my grandson who is a Marine in Iraq is doing at this moment - along with 250,000 other brave men and women.  My God I am so very proud of them and the sacrifices they are making to keep our freedom secure and preserve it! There are those who speak against our country and this war. For my money they are the cretins in our society who have forgotten why we are in this war – (does 9/11 ring a bell?) and all the acts of terror committed against us and our citizens in the not so distant past. Is there any doubt that all this mayhem has been financed by the Iraq regime we are destroying now?


Now for a personal note to all those benighted anti war and President Bush haters - don't suggest that cabal of USA haters at the UN being able to solve this problem. They have allowed this to go on for over twelve years allowing Saddam to ignore them. He's not ignoring any longer. Have you noticed?    

I am proud to be an American. I am also so proud of my Marine grandson and all those he serves with. I am proud to fly our flag. It still stands for freedom, and no one can take that away. God bless America and ALL THE GOOD SHE DOES!         



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