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We the consumers are also free to (and should) say 'no, thanks.'  Since our left-leaning Supreme Court has been the ruling authority in the interpretation of our Constitution, the Freedom of Speech amendment has been so liberalized and adulterated that everything imaginable falls under its protection. So those in our society who aren't familiar with PC
euphemisms and the use of semantics, they are going to be in deep trouble with big brother, especially when engaging in verbal intercourse with minority groups. They who in my humble opinion have only one real claim to fame - that they can be relied on to vote in favor of their liberal benefactors. 

However, our Hollywood Liberal Elite (Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen and Barbara S. et al) feel that when the average citizen exercises his personal choices in what movies he sees or what TV programs we watch, or when businesses exercise their right to chose who they will hire or choose for their spokespersons, it amounts to censorship or
blacklisting. Choice isn't a word they are overly familiar with! 


It is really amazing that these people just don't get it. It is a well-known fact that every action has a consequence, and if these people feel that extreme wealth equates to mental prowess how wrong can they be? That they are above having to accept the responsibility for their actions and the ensuing consequences is fallacious at best! In my mind it proves to me and many others that these cretin thespians are not as smart as they think. It is high time for we citizens to start making good decisions concerning the trash talk these supposed elite make in the name of "freedom of speech." Let's make them feel it where it hurts, in their wallets. The same thing should apply to the French, Germans, and our "good" neighbors in Canada and Mexico. Speech is free; consequences are not. I also feel that as a nation I personally prefer to be respected over loved!



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