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No Time Like the Present

Big Kahuna



This could be as good a time as any for the hate Mr. Bush, our President, crowd to look at Iraq. They must finally admit the sweeping change and improvement that the actions of the United States, led by a courageous president, and a military that leaves nothing to be desired has brought to bring about. My grandson a Marine in Iraq has written about the wonderful way the people and in particular the children have greeted them. Not as oppressors but liberators! All this in contradiction of the way the liberal press is reporting.


They still have difficulty getting over the election of Mr. Bush. My God! Can't these people see the mark and results that years, decades, of brutality and repression have left? Iraqis will need to learn for the first time about democracy and individual rights. Contrary to the slanted (anti administration) garbage we are subjected to from the press, we seem to be off to a very promising start.


Try to be more aware that this country nor Rome was built in a day! God bless America and her efforts.



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