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I have often thought that contrary to popular thinking, the real problem with Washington isn't that taxes are too high; it's the proclivity of those in power to spend too much!  This of course is the driving force behind higher taxes. The need to cut spending however, doesn't ever seem to occur to those cretins, who spend so much time feathering their own nest at the expense of we taxpayers. Hell you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand CUT spending and you will, (just as sure as the night follows the day) see taxes go down and the deficit begin to go down and away. This however seems to be a totally foreign concept to Democrats and unfortunately many Republicans, who in recent years have been inclined to more spending increases and a disregard for taxpayer money. (Please note I did not call it government money).


I do think that for some Republicans and most assuredly many Democrats, it should boil down to this. Stop pandering to your favorite group of folks whose hands are permanently in the inverted position. Their votes and support aren't always as good for the country as they are for getting you reelected and perpetuating your position at the public trough!  I feel that as a loyal and staunch Republican it must be said that Republicans are also guilty of spending more of the taxpayers money, perhaps not as much as Democrats, and most assuredly not for the same things.


Our government has a problem with spending OUR money. Some spending is necessary, and called for.  Having said that, I have no quarrel with expenditures for national defense, and the protection of our cities and selected social services for us the taxpayers. This is good and within the province of government. To pander to farmers and pay them not to grow certain crops - this is insane   Then least we forget, (I can't and won't ) the huge amounts of foreign aid, along with all we contribute to that anti-American cabal with it's headquarters in New York. The UN. I for one feel that the load we taxpayers carry is too damn heavy.


There are proposals in congress to really make serious attempts to cut waste and FRAUD (Medicare would be a great place to start ) from the federal budget.  I might also suggest CUT, STOP all the programs to help those illegals, who break our laws to get here and partake of Uncle Sugar’s largess.  We might (God forbid) give some thought to keeping promises made to those brave military men and women who gave so much for their country.


These things in my humble opinion would be a step in the right direction.



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