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Must It Be This Way?

Big Kahuna



Violence flows in torrents through our movies and televisions, re-enacted in our streets and even in our grammar school classrooms and playgrounds. The greatest need in America today, the greatest lesson that should be taught in our classrooms, is how to lead a disciplined, contented and meaningful existence. But America has turned its back on the path that would lead to that state of affairs. One the one hand, we Americans are so dedicated to hedonistic pursuits and inundated in material possessions and on the other hand are experiencing spiritual starvation and poverty. Our bodies and egos are fat and overstuffed; our souls suffer malnutrition and starvation. As a result our popular culture is a moral cesspool and life on so many of our streets and in
some of our families is a combat zone. Our political structures are riddled with mendacity, where words and a man's pronouncements mean nothing, where saying one thing and doing the exact opposite is considered normal behavior. Our education system, (where even if you fail there is no shame in allowing you to walk across the same stage as those who have achieved) We have turned our backs on our heritage. Our society is inundated by moral relativism and skepticism, which has
sapped our moral strength and drained our ability to exhibit righteous indignation. Is there an answer? Yes, there is, but America, for all practical purposes, has rejected it. There was a time when many schools in Louisiana and across the country, began the school day with a prayer and Bible reading, led by a student over the intercom. Forty years ago today, on June 17, 1963, the U.S. Supreme Court banished this practice, which once set the tone for the day of study and work and did no one any harm. So with complete abandon the dance toward moral and spiritual disintegration continues in America. It will get worse. It won't be long
before nothing that takes place will surprise any of us any-more. What is wrong will be accepted and what is correct will have been relegated to the ash bin of history!!




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