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Why Is It Taking So Long?

Big Kahuna



So many Americans seem to be totally preoccupied with that question. What we began in Iraq is far from being over. However with so many Americans with the memory span of an ameba, after all the it's is almost two years since the first-ever attack on our soil claimed close to 4,000 lives and billions of dollars in lost facilities, jobs, and pride. The reality of that event is fading, because we are now beginning to see some indications, that as a people we are recovering from that day of infamy and devastation. The image of the horror and chaos of that day is fast being lost in the fog of time. It seems we the people have forgotten the promise "never again" made by our president and the resounding support, exhibited by the American people, rolling up their sleeves to do whatever it took to keep that promise. Some even took to being politically, incorrect by exclaiming so help us God!!

We are fortunate, at this period of time, to have a president who made a promised to protect and defend this country (and meant it) when he took his oath of office.   Knowing full well that in keeping that promise the necessity to once again place our young men and women in harm's way had arrived. We would now devote our time and energy and much public treasure, along with the precious blood of our finest men and women, as we pursued those who were responsible for this act. God knows our men and women have done an excellent job but it is not over. The Democrats campaigning for the office of president, unable to show any reason that the public should vote for them, have only one goal the destruction of our President, Mr. Bush.  It is most unfortunate that we continue to lose lives in Iraq, but we must remember, that the job we went there to do is not yet completed.


Just to jog the memories of those who are old enough, along with pointing out to the young these facts. After we had defeated Japan and she surrendered, an occupation of that country began, to set them on the road to a stable democratic government. It took almost eight years to complete this task to our satisfaction. At that juncture everything was turned over to the people of Japan.  Is it so difficult to fathom it's only been six months that we are in Iraq. Why are our people getting so impatient? The main thought being (at the goading of the democrats in Washington to bring grief to our President) to bring our people home.   It doesn't take a mental giant to know that when you undertake a job of this magnitude, you don't leave until the job is completed.


Think back to our founders who learned very early that freedom and liberty have a very heavy price tag. Part of that price tag is at this moment is being paid with the blood of our present day patriots.  They are fully aware that the promise "never again" must be kept! We as a people must continue to be strong and persevere.  Don't make the giving of their lives by our patriots of today be in vain.  Don't lose faith!



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