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Posted 11/17/03


The liberal high cockalorum and their obsequious friends on the Supreme Court and judiciary in general, are all smiles as they add up and celebrate their victories and plan future attacks, what a great time it is for secularists, atheists and those with a general disdain for religion and spirituality. These cretins under the cover of using (free speech) as well as separation of church and state along with the First Amendment have their goal in sight. That goal most ardently pursued by those with liberal anti American values, seems to be the total removal of God from the public gaze and any discourse.


However isn't it strange that these self-righteous phonies ignore and deny that our nation, was founded by God-fearing Christians with a deep belief in our Creator. This leading our country to the greatness it has achieved only through the blessings of that God. Over the past 40 years, as ever-increasing numbers have continued to deny Him or cast Him out, we have witnessed a marked decay in the economic, social and moral fabric of America. Then as more and more Americans become dedicated to solipsism and turn away from God, our great nation will continue down that thorny road to mediocrity and destruction. Does anyone remember Rome?


May America and Americans come soon to their senses....... Big Kahuna






Once again our liberal dysfunctional courts, aided by the Hollywood (elite?), along with many churches, have a made a mockery out of the Christian values this country was founded on. Lets forget about the current ethnic make-up of the country. Remembering that there is one indisputable fact of life regarding the founding of this country, it was founded by God fearing believers in Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. Not by Hindus or Muslims, or Moon worshipers!  Now because we long ago opened our doors to immigrants from every nation, we have the mix that now exists. A mix, that we are finding out, would rather change our way of life to suit themselves, rather than adopt or assimilate into our way of life or society. Please don't lose sight of the Hollywood types who, with very few exceptions, continue to pursue (condoned by many) a  morally bankrupt style. Greatest example of which was just seen in the recent awards ceremonies that promoted homosexuality. Along with open mouth kissing between two of the   "?"  so-called female stars. I have even seen hookers that dressed better than so many of the so-called elite in the land of fruits and nuts!

These problems even exist in  Episcopal, Methodist and Presbyterian churches which are in serious turmoil, because the hierarchy is promoting the ordination of practicing homosexuals. It distresses me that my Catholic church seems to be dragging it's feet, by not fully addressing the issue of pedophile priests. Protecting the church hierarchy, appears to be more important than ministering to the people.

How about our courts and those liberal screwball judges who have allowed, (from where I sit (condoned) the deaths of millions of children.  They have also turned a blind eye by allowing and condoning the homosexual lifestyle same sex marriage and the continuation of the AIDS epidemic by overturning Texas sodomy laws. Now the Senate led by those
paragons of liberalism Kennedy, Schumer, Hillary and our very own Landreau are barring the vote on judges who have a conservative Christian ethic. These liberal cretins wish to keep the court system in this country politically correct and liberal, this they are
accomplishing by making law instead of interpreting, as they are sworn to do.  Tough to face but they are succeeding!!

I trust that some of you cyber bud's agree? Big Kahuna




There must come a time(IT'S NOW) when we Christians make a concerted effort to put emphasis on the restoration of the values needed to maintain strong, unified families. We must begin to focus upon   those paramount issues such as education, homosexual advocacy, family tax relief, pornography, the right to life and religious freedom. I for one believe that America's strength is in her churches. We as a Christian people seem to have forgotten that their Pastors and their churches, are not barred by law from being involved in the making of public policy. This is one overlooked resource for Christians and pastors, to provide much needed education on our representative process and public policy. As part of this effort, we must make sure that we know how our Representatives and Senators are voting on these vital issues. We must use our voices! A good beginning would be unified prayer by all those, of faith to support this ongoing war, that we must wage, against those whose only aim is to remove all aspects of Christian morality from our lives here in America. May the good Lord in his infinite wisdom give us guidance to accomplish this!




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