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Al Gore and his latest tirade lead me and others to feel he is in need of some sort of new medicine. He is so consumed with hatred and envy of Mr. Bush that he and his followers are fast becoming raving lunatics.

You know things are going bad for him when the New York Times puts him down.  He desperately needs help.


Listening to Al Gore rant and rave, I am prompted to ask are we becoming a people who are going crazy as time passes?  There are figures that point out, Depression, anxiety, eating disorders are all on the rise. Perhaps brought on by the seeming rise of liberal socialism in our country today! We don't like to admit or say it, but an estimated six percent of all men and ten percent of all women, suffer from depression.  Hell, from what I read, ten to twenty percent of all kids have some kind of mental illness or behavioral disorder. This shouldn't surprise too many of us. Take a long hard look at some of the parents, who in my opinion are the real delinquents in families today. In the US alone,
something like 20 million people suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. I think about all the time when, I see those with phones in their hands while driving, praying that it's not their shrink they are speaking with.


Then we have "Medals" Kerry, his mentor Teddy (failed his swimming test) Kennedy, Hillary (I don't remember) added to Al (the loser) Gore spreading their highly infectious views on us every chance they get. God! I pray (NOT PC) every day to protect our country and return us to some resemblance of what we once were.


It is only five months from the Presidential election, and most Americans don't know who John Kerry is or where he stands. His campaign is, apparently, trying to hide him from public view.  Every time he does make an appearance, he seems to shoot himself in the foot -- e.g. his comment that he voted for funding the troops before he voted against it.  Thus, his campaign managers appear to be trying to shield him from media coverage to prevent further gaffes -- which is absurd, because the American people have a right to know where their Presidential candidates stand on the issues and what their plans are to lead the country forward. Senator Kerry must come out of hiding and tell the American people who he is and what he intends to do if elected.  His current tactic of avoiding public contact is unacceptable.


Voters can add this latest convention scheme to a long list of Kerry double standards. Here are just a few examples:  He is a Roman Catholic but has consistently voted pro-choice, even voting against banning partial-birth abortions; his church won't allow him to take Communion while maintaining such views.  He claims to be an advocate of a strong military, but his voting record in the Senate shows otherwise.  He panders to environmentalists for their votes while he owns and travels in SUVs.  He is dodging the same-sex "marriage" issue, which became law in his home state of Massachusetts. His wing of the Democratic Party favors legalizing homosexual "marriage," but he won't come out of the closet and support it because he knows the issue will hurt him in the polls if he does.

Voters need to know what Mr. Kerry would do as president.  Would he propose higher gasoline taxes on everyone or just the wealthy?  Would he gut the military or strengthen it? Would he help the environment by giving up his SUVs or just demand that everyone else do so? Would he work to overturn the ban on partial-birth abortion and follow the teachings of his church? Would he try to legalize same-sex "marriage" nationwide? Would he work to provide the level of health care insurance he enjoys as a senator or just let the rest of us "eat cake"?

So far, I can't determine what Mr. Kerry would do as president, and that is a scary prospect indeed!


There is a lot of smoke rising out of the Democrats' camp lately, but there doesn't seem to be any fire. Democrats have decided to run the most negative campaign in history.  Ted Kennedy has compared Americans to Ba'athists; Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader in the House (and member of the Democratic Socialists of America), has launched vicious ad hominem attacks against the President; Senator Hollings burst into an Anti-Semitic tirade; Al Gore, worked up into a demented fury, said, again, that the President has “betrayed us"; and Senator Tim Johnson has sunk so low as to call the GOP "Taliban."  This sort of rhetoric is nothing short of appalling.  If this is the best they have -- i.e. nothing of substance or policy to say -- then these Democrats should not be in office. Further, John Kerry -- who has apparently been in hiding -- has not distanced himself from this acerbic rhetoric.  We have no idea what the Democrats' plan for America is -- but they certainly have mastered the art of the negative nasty campaign. We need what they are offering like we need another attack on our country.


While President Bush's plans for Iraq and for America's future are very clear, most Americans have absolutely no idea what his apparent opponent, John Kerry, would do differently. Aside from pretty commercials that tell us that he served in Vietnam 30 years ago – along with his 8mm home movies -- we have no idea what he would do today.  In fact, John Kerry has not clearly articulated his position on any major issue whatsoever. Most Americans feel that he tends to flip-flop because he refuses to define for us any clear plan on any issue in any area.

Sure, he spends plenty of time bashing the President, but that doesn't give Americans any reason to vote FOR him.

John Kerry should be ashamed of himself if he intends to base his entire campaign on hammering the President's poll numbers while saying nothing about what he would do differently. Kerry needs to stop hiding, quit the bashing, and start talking -- substantively. Trying real hard not to mention Viet Nam!


I'm am most proud to be for President George Bush, precisely because I believe Iraq and her people are critical to the war on terror. A liberated Iraq could lead the two other terrorist backing states in the region, Syria and Iran, towards freedom for their people perhaps even democracy. The Bush hating liberals may be too myopic to have noticed but it's already brought Libya around and North Korea to the negotiating table. The country can't afford John Kerry's waffling "nuance" and the embracing of the derrieres of the America haters at the UN!


War is destructive, killing both soldiers and civilians, and wars cost a lot of money. However, I weigh that against the cost of further turning the other cheek. Take a long hard look at what the cost of not going to war would have been. There is no question it would have led to more U.S. civilians dead, because the terrorists and their minions would be free to attack us here at home. We saw an escalation of attacks throughout the Clinton presidency. That escalation would have continued had we not gone on the offensive. BELIEVE IT!


We have a free and open society. In order to keep it that way, we have to protect ourselves. We must win this fight! The alternative is unthinkable.




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