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Let’s Prove History Wrong

Big Kahuna



History tells us that most democracy is always temporary in nature; and most great civilizations, if history is any guide, have lasted about 200 years. I pray God we aren't overdue. Remember most democracies continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. It's at that moment when the have not, hands in the inverted position, non-contributing, non-working majority have their moment. They always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public trough. The resulting fiscal policy that usually follows this will finally lead to the collapse of most democracies!


It appears as if there is a sort of schedule that a nation follows. As in our case, our founders were running away from spiritual oppression and tyrannical rulers. They founded this nation on spiritual faith and courage. That courage and faith lead to a fight to attain liberty. A liberty that we the people have become so complacent about it could lead to our destruction. It could happen if we as a people don't take steps to get back to the principles upon which we were founded. A nation that once again remembers how blessed we have been by the almighty, it has always been "In God We Trust".


We the people must recapture our roots, turning away from secularism, and the Kerrys and Kennedys, those political demagogues, who would take us down the road to pure socialism and oblivion! With the coming election this is where apathy and indifference on the part of the American people will take us! God bless our President, our troops and America.




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